Million Dollar Baby: This Ferrari 250 GTE/GTO Reconstruction Is An Interesting Piece Of History

Million Dollar Baby: This Ferrari 250 GTE/GTO Reconstruction Is An Interesting Piece Of History

The Ferrari 250 GTO is the most valuable car in the world. The few that have been sold at auction bring tens of millions of dollars and they escalate in value each time one of the rare machines is sold. Those are the purebred machines that are either what we would call survivors or restored examples. This car is not exactly one of those. It is a machine that uses all Ferrari parts, was actually brought to life in Turin, Italy, and has a price tag of close to a million bucks but it is not the perfection that the other cars of this type are.

From the best we can gather, it seems like someone got hold of a wrecked chassis, hunted the right engine and driveline parts, along with the suspension and all, and had this car put together. The ad has some weird wording in it like, “As a chassis, an original 250GT/E was used, which was delivered in 1963.” We’re not 100% sure about what that means specifically but we do know that the car was “reconstructed” in Italy all the way back in 1987.

We are not taking a thing away from this machine. It is incredible in its fit and finish and frankly it will deliver the owner a Ferrari 250 driving experience at 1/30th the price (or less!).

What do you think? Cool because it is all Ferrari and the seller is up front? Not worth the million bucks because it is not an OG factory car? Tell us!

eBay: This 1963 Ferrari GTE/GTO Reconstruction is interesting!

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5 thoughts on “Million Dollar Baby: This Ferrari 250 GTE/GTO Reconstruction Is An Interesting Piece Of History

  1. ratpatrol66

    I’d rather spend 1 mill on Danny Thompson’s Challenger II. Don’t get me wrong it is a great car but not my kind of car.

  2. jerry z

    1 million for a recreation or 50 million for the real deal. Recreation looks good enough for me! Too bad I can’t fit in the car…. 🙁

  3. Bill Greenwood

    It’s sort of like finding out you can’t justify $200k (or more) for an original Hemi Cuda, but here’s a really nicely built clone for $90k. It drives as good, maybe better than, as the original, and 90% of the people who look at it can’t tell it from a real one. If you’re in the league that might be able to afford a $30 million display queen, but can pick up a really, really nice driver clone for a cool million, then maybe you won’t have to sell it to fund the divorce…

  4. chevy hatin' mad geordie

    I was just waiting to see an LS under the hood! Far better to spend that money on one ofJaguar’s continuation Lightweight E types which will appreciate substantially and is a genuine factory car.

  5. Mopar or No Car

    I like the idea of making the experience affordable for more people. Priced at a million there are a few dozen people in the country who can afford it and maybe one or two who are titillated but not really interested. We BSers don’t generally travel in those circles. But do not give up. Don’t spend a million. Get this reconstruction Jaguar D type with race history for under $100K.

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