Horsepower Video: Watch Katech Make 1,000hp With An LT5 V8 – No Port Injection, No Cam Sawp

Horsepower Video: Watch Katech Make 1,000hp With An LT5 V8 – No Port Injection, No Cam Sawp

The LT5 V8 is a brutal 755hp 6.2L blown beast that lives in cars like the ZR1 Corvette and is available for purchase by hot rodders out there for use in both classic and modern applications. The LT family of engines are great and they share attributes evolved from the LS family but they haven’t really set the world on fire like the LS engines did. Perhaps it is the direct injection and perhaps the LS mills are just still so popular there’s not been a major push on the LT family but there’s not to say that it isn’t coming. When it does, it seems like Katech will be leading the way. In this video we’ll watch them make more than 1,000hp with an LT5 engine using direct injection, E85, and a shockingly short list of parts.

There are actually a few stories here. For starters there has been lots of talk in the tuner community about tuning the E99 control module which has been dubbed “untunable” by some. Katech is keeping their methods for tuning this engine to themselves but we’re sure there was loads of hours invested into that process. The team also worked with a company called Extreme DI. The addition of their additional fuel pump kit basically doubled the fuel volume and allowed for the 30% over injectors to do their job and really get the juice into the cylinders.

You’ll see the engine run in a couple of different setups before the four digit numbers show up. Amazingly other than the injectors, the Extreme DI parts, a throttle body, and some porting on the blower the thing was still sealed up. There will be more videos where a camshaft swap and other modifications are made. We cannot wait to see how much power this engine makes by the time the guys are done with it.

Press play to see how Katech made over 1,000hp with an LT5 V8 engine

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