Building A Big Horsepower B58 Inline Six For Your Supra Or BMW? MAHLE Motorsport Has A Piston For You!

Building A Big Horsepower B58 Inline Six For Your Supra Or BMW? MAHLE Motorsport Has A Piston For You!

With a little less weight and little less compression than the factory piston, this new unit from MAHLE Motorsport is designed specifically for those hot rodders out there who are planning to cram more boost into their B58 inline six engine powering a Toyota Supra or a BMW. Made from lightweight 2618 aluminum alloy, the pistons feature a slipper skirt, CNC machined pin bores, wire locks, a lot drag nitrided steel oil ring set, and steel pins.

Also, these slugs feature an increased crown thickness for high performance durability, a higher silicon content than the factory prices and of course the dry phosphate coating that MAHLE provides on all of its pistons and the one that gives them that signature gray look. The valve pockets are larger than stock so upsized valves have room to operate. Additionally, the pockets are deeper which allows for a higher lift, more aggressive camshaft to be used for even more performance and airflow.

We have shown people building these engines for big power already and these pistons will kick that trend into an even higher gear. Awesome!


New for 2020, MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Toyota Supra/BMW B58 PowerPak Piston Kit
Factory replacement upgrade allows a boost of +1000hp

Fletcher, NC. (January 14, 2020) – MAHLE Motorsport now offers an upgraded PowerPak piston kit for the Toyota Supra and BMW B58 designed to handle 1000+ HP.  Developed with a 10.5:1 compression, the kit features all forged, slipper skirt pistons with CNC machined pin bores, a low drag, nitrided steel oil ring set, race proven round wire locks and high strength steel pins.

Manufactured from lightweight 2618 aluminum alloy, MAHLE’s PowerPak piston is 50 grams lighter than the factory piston designed with 11:1 compression, and features a higher silicon content selected for its temperature strength characteristics. This and the increased crown thickness adds durability for high performance applications. Each piston features a dry lubricant Phosphate coating that creates MAHLE’s characteristic gray appearance and MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL® skirt coating to reduce drag and wear.  The piston’s larger valve pockets accommodate up to +1.0mm larger valve diameters and 1mm deeper valve pockets allow for a performance camshaft.

The Supra/BMW B58 PowerPak kit is an excellent value for the budget minded performance engine builder as the kit includes a perfectly matched performance oil ring set (1.2mm top, 1.5mm Napier second & 2.0mm third) to fit maximized top and second ring lands and a hard anodized top ring groove that protects against micro-welding.

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s PowerPak Piston Kit for the Toyota Supra and BMW B58, visit, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942.

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