Get Geared Up: Mark Williams Enterprises Has Your Rear End Covered!

Get Geared Up: Mark Williams Enterprises Has Your Rear End Covered!

Every drag race car in the world has them, gears. The majority of them have those in the proper place which is under the rear of the car. The gears that ultimately drive your machine down the track not only need to be of high quality construction, they need to be of high quality installation to ensure their long life and the performance of your car. Mark Wiliams Enterprises has you covered fully on both ends of that spectrum.

Also, do not think that you need to have some sort of a huge horsepower, single digit drag monster to take advantage of their products and services. Your bracket car needs this stuff as much as any pro mod or alky funny car does. Mark Williams has been in drag racing for like 50 years. He raced everything, including top fuel. This is a dude who understands this stuff on a microscopic level and only the best and most high quality stuff leaves the doors of his business. Fact!

Check out the latest from Mark Williams Enterprises here –

  • From budget assemblies for E.T. Bracket cars to the latest in 9.5″ & 10″ setups for Pro Mod & Pro Stock
  • Features rugged thru-bolt aluminum case that’s race-proven for maximum¬†durability
  • Available with any gear ratio – have a spare unit on hand to take advantage of track conditions
  • Includes FREE transporter case and special MW / Torco competition gear lubricant
  • Optional 4.00″ bore cases with ball bearings reduce internal friction and improve ETs
  • Severe Service units with 10″ pitch diameter gears & angular contact ball bearings available
MW is Your BEST Resource for Racing Gear Sets

MW stocks a full range of standard Ford, GM, Dana, Mopar, and Olds / Pontiac ring & pinion gears, including 8620 “Street” and 9310 “Pro” gears.
Special “increased size” Pro gears are available for 9″, 9.5″, and 10″ diameter pitch configurations. Designed for high horsepower applications with 35-spline pinion shaft.

Reduce the ring gear’s rotating mass by three or more pounds for improved efficiency. Lightening is are available for 9″ Ford, GM 12-Bolt, and Dana 60™ gears.

Get increased service life by shot-peening your gear set. MW also offers the Supra-Fin micro-finishing process to reduce friction and eliminate break-in procedures

By using a combination of chemical and mechanical means, the Supra-Fin™ process can improve life, wear, friction, noise, and heat in any metal to metal contact application by microscopically polishing the surface.


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