Mark Williams Enterprises Is not Just About Parts – They Rule At Tools, Too!

Mark Williams Enterprises Is not Just About Parts – They Rule At Tools, Too!

We all know that Mark Williams Enterprises is a leading suppliers of high performance components in the world of motorsports, but Mark Williams Enterprises is not just about parts! The men and women at the company well known that building race cars is a precision business and that is why they offer some of the best tools for doing that tough job as well. Whether you are looking to service axles, transmissions, build differentials or perform other tasks where fractions of an inch mean the difference, Mark Williams Enterprises has you covered. Don’t believe us? Check out the information below –

Here’s the full story from Mark Williams Enterprises –

Essential Tools for Race Car Builders!

Mark Williams Enterprises covers all the bases when it comes to popular racing rear ends. We can do a professional gear set up in your thirdmember (666), Salisbury type (777), or modular 11” rear (666-11). If you prefer to do your own work, we have the tools you need to complete the job.
Mark Williams is a go-to source for technical information and instructions. We offer three educational videos; a detailed “how to” for those with a MW 9” carrier (10098), an all-purpose video produced by Richmond Gear (629-0000) that covers basic setup procedures for popular passenger car rear ends, and a step-by-step video detailing basic chassis construction for a rear engine dragster (10004). In addition, we have a variety of technical articles, calculators, and resources on our website:
The heavy-duty steel construction of the MW Bench (650) Mule makes it the perfect tool for working on differentials. It is adjustable on two axis, allowing access to any area. The standard arms will easily hold a thirdmember or transmission and can even hold a full size 12-bolt housing.  Optional forks are available for cylinder heads (P/N 680) and a fixture is available for holding 35 or 40-spline spools (P/N 670).
There are a number of specialty tools available from MW to aid in disassembling a rear end.  These include pinion bearing pullers (both standard (57493) and large (57494) pinion), axle bearing removal tools (T-1955-7 press plate & T-1998 base bearing removal tool), adjuster wrenches (3.812” (57485) and 3.062” or 3.250” cases (57490)), a coupler/yoke wrench (57488), plus a slide hammer (90250) for main cap removal.

Every racer’s objective is to set up the rear end to provide optimum gear engagement and minimal friction loss. This is primarily accomplished through accurately setting the pinion depth. (PCDfor 10 & 12-Bolt GM, Dana 60™, 8” & 9” Ford, and 8-3/4” Mopar. (PCMW) for MW aluminum or nodular cases).

Caution must be taken when installing certain ring gears with increased pitch diameter (9.5” and 10”) to make sure there is ample clearance in the pinion pilot bearing area. Grinding on the case will lead to it cracking. Instead, the ring gear should be clearanced. To eliminate the time-consuming trial and error method, M-W has developed a special tool to measure the clearance (57486) and another to be used in conjunction with a belt sander to create the exact clearance required. (T-004305).
Proper ring gear backlash can be set using a backlash indicator kit from MW (57499). It includes a dial indicator, clamp, extensions, and a rocker tip. Don’t forget the gear marking compound (55-0002)! For safety wiring a spool, MW has safety wire twist pliers (300-2), and safety wire (300-1) for securing ring gear bolts.
With all the handy tools that are available from MW, setting up your own rear end may be a procedure that you’re willing to tackle. Have fun!

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