Mark Williams Enterprises Is Your Home For Gears – Street, Drag, Circle Track, More!

Mark Williams Enterprises Is Your Home For Gears – Street, Drag, Circle Track, More!

Gears, baby! We’re talking gears and we know that many of you out there are thinking about gears for your street car, racer, or hot rod, right? Nailing the right ratio is one thing but buying the right actual product itself is where the rubber really meets the road. Not all gear sets are created equal and Mark Williams Enterprises knows that. They stock the best parts from many leading manufacturers in order to best support their customers. The company also has a load of specific tools, educational resources, and more for those people who are wanting to learn the right way to get their third member setup.

Below you will find a plethora of information and good stuff from Mark Williams. Big, small, street or race, these guys have you covered!

Check out all the information and resources below from Mark Williams Enterprises –

Your Best Resource for Gear Sets!

Mark Williams Enterprises is one of the nation’s largest warehouse distributors for several manufacturers of ring & pinion gears. At any given time, you’ll find hundreds of ring & pinion gear sets in stock at MW! This includes standard gears for oval track and street use as well as 9310 alloy “pro” gears for drag racing applications.

8620 Street Gears
Standard gears are primarily used in oval track and street applications. The material and heat treating provide excellent wear service life, but doesn’t handle shock loads as well as Pro Gears. 9″ Ford standard gears have a 28-spline pinion.
9310 Pro Gears
“Pro” gears are designed specifically for drag racing. The 9310 alloy and heat treat are ideally suited to absorb high impact shock loads. 9″ Ford ratios from 4:86 to 6:50 have 28-spline pinions. Select ratios available for 12-Bolt & Dana 60™.
Gear Treatment Options

Installation Kits

MW Installation Kits have everything you need to complete a gear set-up.
Instructional Videos
MW offers two educational installation videos. The MW video explains in step-by-step detail the set-up of a MW 9″ aluminum center section. The Richmond Gear video is designed for basic ring and pinion gear set-ups. The Richmond video explains gear terminology and basic set-up procedures for popular passenger car rear ends including 9″ Ford, 10 & 12 Bolt Chevrolet, Dana 60™, and 8-3/4″ Mopar. Both videos are a must for rear end set-ups.

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