Mark Williams Has Parts Ready For Action And Axles With A 10 Year Warranty – Seriously!

Mark Williams Has Parts Ready For Action And Axles With A 10 Year Warranty – Seriously!

Mark Williams has been a racer his whole life. That’s one of the reasons that his company is so bad ass. The guy understands the racer like few others in the industry and his leadership in that direction has brought a raft of amazing products, indestructible stuff and high quality standards that other places can only dream about having. Take the information below, for example.

Mark Williams race ready third members are delivered literally ready to install and use. There’s no futzing around, there’s not questions, there’s a bunch of quality parts, expertly setup and ready for you to hammer on. Below that, these guys are warrantying axles for 10 years. Are you kidding me? Who does that? A company that knows what it is building, how it is building it and what the materials it is using to build the product. That’s who does that.

Mark Williams Enterprises has not been successful for decades because of a happy accident. These guys get it, they know it, and they stand behind it.

Check out all the news from Mark Williams Enterprises below –

Ready For Action!

  • From budget assemblies for bracket racers to the latest in 9.5″ & 10″ setups for Pros
  • Features rugged through-bolt aluminum case that’s race proven for max durability
  • Precision assembled and set up for peak efficiency by experienced MW technicians
  • MW stocks a full range of standard Ford, GM, Dana, and Mopar gear sets. MW also offers special “increased size” Pro gears (9″, 9.5″, 10″) for 35-spline pinions
  • Available with gear ratio of choice – Have a spare to take advantage of track conditions!
  • Includes free transporter case and special MW / Torco Competition gear lubricant.
  • Optional MW 4″ bore cases with ball bearings reduce friction and improve ETs
  • Upgrade to ceramic pinion / spool bearings for the ultimate in friction fighting

Drag Racing’s Strongest & Lightest Axles Have a 10-Year Warranty

  • Made from 300M alloy forgings for superior strength
  • 1″ gun-drill bore through the entire length of the shaft
  • Precision honed bore to remove possible stress risers
  • Extensively milled, pocket lightened flanges reduce weight
  • Shot-peened to improve fatigue life
  • Weighs about half of a standard axle of the same size
  • Optimized spline length (true involute) for the application
  • Combination of large bearing diameter and tapered shaft increases torsional and bending capacity
  • Through-hardened for optimum strength
  • Tapped stud holes (1/2″ or 5/8″) in the pattern of your choice

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