Got An Axle To Grind: Mark Williams Hi-Torque Axles Are Strong and Ultimately Customizable

Got An Axle To Grind: Mark Williams Hi-Torque Axles Are Strong and Ultimately Customizable

When it comes to racing, everyone has their own ideas, their own designs, and their own plan to win. This being said, not every company is able to match those designs, ideas, and custom touches. Mark Williams Enterprises prides themselves on the fact that their axles are not only awesome, strong, and battle proven, but they can also be customized in so many different ways it’ll boggle your mind.

If you think that Mark Williams is only selling parts for cars that make way more horsepower than yours, you are wrong. Their Master Line of axles is designed for 10-second and slower cars that need some but not all of the features of the company’s heaviest duty line.

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Here’s the full story from Mark Williams about their axles –

Mark Williams Hi-Torque Axles are the best in the industry. Every axle produced by MW is designed to accept the largest axle bearing diameter possible for the particular housing end, precision CNC machined with true involute splines, feature optimized spline length, the shaft is tapered for the specific application, and in-house heat treated.

Customize your axles! 

In addition to the features that are standard with all MW Hi-Torque axles, you can make your axles even lighter or stronger based on the needs of your race car.

Options include:

  • Forged 300M or 4340 steel
  • 28, 30, 31, 35, or 40-spline
  • 7/16″ or 1″ gun drilling
  • Flange lightening
  • Shot peening
  • 1/2″ or 5/8″ Tapped stud holes in the pattern of your choice
  • Dual bolt patterns available at no additional charge
  • Full floaters available
There are racers who feel their combination doesn’t require the “ultimate” drag race axle. With this in mind, MW offers the MasterLine series for Street and Strip (10 sec. and slower) applications. The MasterLine Pro Street Axles feature many of the same standards as MW Hi-Torque Axles, but at a more economical price.

  • Made to the exact length required
  • True involute splines
  • 28, 30, 31, or 35 spline
  • In-house heat treated
  • Can be drilled with up to 3 bolt patterns at no additional charge
  • Tapped for 1/2″-20 or 5/8-18″ wheel studs
  • Thick flanges that can withstand higher weight and harsher surface conditions


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