McLeod Has New Products, Expanded Offerings For 2019 – Shifters, Flywheels, Clutches, and Automatic Kits!

McLeod Has New Products, Expanded Offerings For 2019 – Shifters, Flywheels, Clutches, and Automatic Kits!

It is always great to stop by and see the people at McLeod Performance Engineered Driveline Solutions, especially at SEMA because as time has shown, these guys and girls are always working on something new. The company continues to be a leader in clutch performance and technology and has rolled out new clutches for today’s modern muscle cars for those that want to continue to row their own gears. But rowing your own gears requires more than a clutch and the company gets that.

McLeod will be offering performance shifters for the first time in their stories existence and they will be offering them for domestic and imported performance cars. These are as high quality pieces as we have seen and laid hands on in that space of the market complete with nice finishes and high quality machine work as well as good raw materials.

Teaming up with Bonifante, McLeod will be offering hardcore performance flex plates. You can see one of them on in the photos below. Bonifante friction, like McLeod is going through a renaissance of their own, developing new products and driveline solutions in a world where standard clutches are becoming a smaller part of the marketplace.

The biggest news continues to be the fact that McLeod is offering the most bad ass, high performance automatic rebuild kits on the market. The company is teamed with Raybestos and they have really pulled out all the stops with these kits. From the steels to the clutches and everything in between, McLeod is leading the way with automatic transmissions these days and while it sounds crazy to say that, it’s the truth. The company will be breaking new ground soon on an industry first rebuild kit for one of the most popularly offered automatics on the new car market today. Not content to just follow the lead, they are blazing a trail.

Hammer this link to see the whole lineup at McLeod Racing!

Here’s a quick peek at some of the great components from McLeod –

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