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BangShift Question Of The Day: Is There Room For A Four-Door Ford Mustang Now?

BangShift Question Of The Day: Is There Room For A Four-Door Ford Mustang Now?

(Lead Photo: X-Tomi Design) It seems like the concept of a four-door pony car won’t ever go away. Look to the past, look to the future, and you’ll see attempts to graft on two extra doors to cars that throughout the years have been without question meant to be two-door sport coupes. Ford tried it. Chevrolet tried it. Pontiac tried to turn theirs into a station wagon, a fan created a rip on a rumored factory concept Mopar, and so on and so forth. Nothing shocking there, the wave of “sedan” ponycars comes and goes. But the current fervor of the rumor mill might be a little more warranted than it has been before…it seems that speculation about a four-door example of the Mustang, with a longer wheelbase, might be called up to take on some lofty competition like the Audi A7 and the Porsche Panamera. In addition, there is the crossover that was rumored to carry the “Mach 1” nameplate that hasn’t been ground to a halt, the hybrid Mustang, the wild child GT500, and Ford’s commitment to having a mostly truck-biased catalog that has spared only the Mustang from the guillotine. 

To Mustang purists and gearheads, all of the above minus the GT500 screams blasphemy of the highest order. You don’t even have to ask our opinions. But is there room in the world for a Mustang sedan? We have one good answer: Australia. Ford Australia packed it in and shut down, as did the rest of Australian manufacturing. It might not be a Falcon, but a four-door Mustang would be a damn sight better than Holden’s Opel-sourced Commordore will ever be in relation to Australian buying habits, and if Ford can bring the Mustang’s interior a tick higher, it might even have a chance in Europe. Would it work in the U.S., where the last time a major change to the Mustang was announced, Ford got angry letters by the truckload and wound up with the Ford Probe sport compact instead of the new 1989 Mustang they were hoping for? We don’t know, but surely you the reader might have some insight into this?

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25 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: Is There Room For A Four-Door Ford Mustang Now?

  1. Aaron Lesniewski

    Good grief. Call it a Fusion or LTD or Falcon or something. Why does Ford seem to want to make everything an F150 or a Mustang? The Mustang sells not because it\’s called Mustang, but because it offers something people want. Calling a different car Mustang won\’t automatically make it sell.

  2. rich d

    ABSOLUTELY NOT, FOR GODSAKES MAN JUST LEAVE IT ALONE! one of the last pony cars made an now there going to put two more doors on it,really?

  3. Dan Barlow

    While , it looks no worse than the current Porsche Panamerica , ( not bad ) I would say that ford always trys to make something else out of they’re sporty cars .. They tend to go from sporty to big everytime. Little two seat Tbird to big four door . After 66 the mustang’s kept getting bigger all the way to 76 Land yachts.

  4. phitter67

    Well maybe. Look how well the Charger has done. A more-door Mustang just might appeal to police departments. Performance and a usable back seat. If this sells would GM look at a four door Camaro?

    1. jerry z

      People complained when the new Charger became a 4-door yet they still build them. I have no issue having a more door Mustang. In fact I like to see a Shelby version as well.

  5. GeorgeA

    The additional production volume enabled by a four-door might be needed to justify the investment in a new platform for 2021. Just don’t call it a Mustang, or sell it as a Lincoln, and they’re good.

    1. Russell

      Best comment! Sell it as a Lincoln I have been hoping Ford would make a new 4 door rwd v8 manual trans car to compete with cadillac. Call it the Mark XI, or MK9, MKM etc. Build it!

  6. Matt Cramer

    That rendering looks pretty decent, but I’d recommend dusting off the Falcon name for a four door.

      1. john t

        yeh.. got it wrong. Its `Shooting brake’ And yes, Australians would welcome this with open arms.

  7. keezling

    Ya, Fords not gonna make cars anymore. Just a zillion different versions of “Mustangs”. WTF!

    1. man

      i think calling it a falcon an debuting it in australia would be the right idea, six speed and a “ford” callout instead of the pony badging… give it a bullit style mad max edition, and you’re in bussiness

  8. Schtauffer

    They would sell some. A non-car enthusiast friend of mine was flabbergasted when I told him my wife’s car (a Mustang) is a two-door. His response was essentially, “so, if it has two doors and a back seat, however do you get in the back seat?”.

  9. RK - no relation

    2020 Falcon GT, Maverick, any number of names would work, just as long as its a good car.

    Don’t forget the 2 door Lumina that was a Monte Carlo for a couple of years. What’s in a name anyhow

  10. Russell

    What’s the address to FoMoCo, who do I send it to. I want to vote for the Linclon version. 🙂

  11. Danno

    Wasn’t Ford previously referring to this car as a Torino? I recall seeing pics of this car somewhere with the Torino reference.

  12. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    If its going to look as good as that image put it into production NOW!

    Then it can out perform and out sell anything that BMW. Audi, and Mercedes Benz can produce. But don’t forget to put the steering wheel on the proper side so it can be driven in Britain!

  13. Martin Micallef

    Ford most definitely needs a performance four door to appease the market that the Charger is in ! Give it a new name but not Mustang !

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