Meziere Charging Lugs Could Be The Best $20 You Ever Spend

Meziere Charging Lugs Could Be The Best $20 You Ever Spend

Champion racers know that it is all of the little things that start to add up to make the big things happen. Making the next round is one of those “little things” that every racers needs to do in order to win races. Often times that’s part of a larger thrash to get the car turned around. There’s refueling, cooling the car off, and other tasks that require the car’s electrical system to be taxed. In the majority of cases, racers hook up a generator to power their non-running machines during this time so that they don’t flatten the batteries.

Even this mundane task can go sideways if your equipment is substandard. We have seen ill-fitting charging lugs result in poor charging and a dead race car. We have also seen them break off or get lost and then all hell breaks loose. Meziere introduces new charging lugs for racers that are designed to work well with the typical charger clamps you are used to and their tapered design means a tight fit and good charging.

Remember, the little things add up to the big things. These little things could be the most important parts in your trailer between rounds!

Meziere charging lugs

Escondido, California – We are proud to introduce some new charging lugs for the taper fit receptacles. They are made from brass and have a contour design which is easy to clamp to. Every trailer should have some spare charging lugs on hand!

About Meziere Enterprises
Meziere Enterprises ( is the most innovative supplier of performance water pumps in the world. We design, develop and manufacture performance parts for all forms of motorsports and the serious hobbyist. We build components for performance vehicles, and original equipment manufacturers. We manufacture in America, but sell to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Our capabilities include the design, engineering, testing and manufacture of automotive cooling systems, driveline parts and chassis components. Meziere Enterprises is committed to product development, engineering, sales and customer service.

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One thought on “Meziere Charging Lugs Could Be The Best $20 You Ever Spend

  1. Labweiler

    Nope. Just more stuff to go missing, then how are you going to charge the battery between rounds? Worse yet be left on the vehicle and shake out on the track.
    I use Summits SUM G1430 remote battery charging terminals installed in the roll pan. Simple and efficient with nothing to get lost or turn into a projectile.


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