Here’s Your Chance To Buy The Most Unmolested 2009 Challenger Drag Pak On Earth! Wild!

Here’s Your Chance To Buy The Most Unmolested 2009 Challenger Drag Pak On Earth! Wild!

Now this is pretty wild. We often times see people selling Mustang Cobra Jets or COPO Camaros on eBay but we very infrequently see the Challenger Drag Pak cars coming up for sale, especially in their as delivered form from 10 years ago! This is a 2009 Challeger Drag Pak with a 6.1L hemi engine and as we just mentioned, it is 100% unmolested. It is an incomplete car on trailer wheels and tires as they were delivered from Mopar a decade ago. No driveshaft, no roll cage, no suitable wheels or tires, this is exactly what about $35,000 list price got you back then. YOU decided how it was going to be finished up and raced.

Many people may have forgotten that the Dodge program has always been different than the Ford and Chevrolet programs in the fact that the other guys delivered the cars turnkey. Now, those other cars were double the money PLUS some, but the customer could literally take his new CJ or COPO from the dealer pickup point to the strip. This car went from the dealer to the chassis shop to get a cage stuffed in it and that was really the start of the process to prepare one of these cars for actual competition.

The other thing to think about regarding this car is the fact that Chrysler has not actually produced a Drag Pak car in years. The car that Leah won the Factory Stock Showdown in was built in 2006 as an engineering mule for the program! As best we know, there are less than a couple hundred Drag Pak cars that were ever produced. When’s the last time you heard of someone buying a “new” Challenger Drag Pak? Exactly.

So what would you do? Finish this car into a legal NHRA stocker or super stock contender or preserve it as it is? At this point its a tough call because the combo in this car is not nearly as competitive as it once was in NHRA racing but it would be fun to pull wheelies and hammer the Gen III hemi. Having one of these is like having a Hurst Hemi Dart from 1968 that never got painted and never made a run on the track.


eBay: Untouched 2009 Challenger Drag Pak Рstill on the trailer wheels 

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2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Chance To Buy The Most Unmolested 2009 Challenger Drag Pak On Earth! Wild!

  1. Ian mol

    There is another in PA. Completely untouched. He has too many Max Wedges and another “new” Challenger stocker to play with.

  2. RK - no relation

    Ad says Classified ad price: US $27,995.00

    Ebay is an auction sort of, right? What do you think this will or should go for, anybody guess?

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