Epic Watch: The Life Of Mr 4-Speed – A Multi-Part Documentary On The Incredible Life Of Herb McCandless

Epic Watch: The Life Of Mr 4-Speed – A Multi-Part Documentary On The Incredible Life Of Herb McCandless

This is something you simply have to see. “The Life of Mr. 4-Speed” is a multi-part, professionally produced documentary about the life and times of the man himself, Herb McCandless. This is as much about the man as it is about the sport he became a super star in.

The amount of interviews, the photos, never before seen historic footage, and production value here is simply beyond anything anyone has ever done for a singular personality in the sport. The inside stories, the race wins, the wild times on the road, all of it is here and these stories come from the people that lived them, not from others. Herb McCandless is the start of his own life story, rightfully. Buddy Martin also plays a prominent role among others.

Following Herb through his days as a kid in Memphis hot rodding his street cars to his ascent into the highest realms of the sport is really something. It was done through an incredible dedication, loads of skill, and an attitude that would simply not allow him to quit.

It is one of the great honors of my life to provide the narration of this documentary. If you have any interest in the history of drag racing, in the personalities and people that made up the sport, how the exploding popularity of competition drove the manufacturers to build special equipment, develop secret parts, and battle across the country week to week, you need to see this.

The documentary launched last week and has been incredibly well received. You’ve gotta watch this!

All four parts of The Life of Mr 4-Speed are below – a truly incredible drag racing film!


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11 thoughts on “Epic Watch: The Life Of Mr 4-Speed – A Multi-Part Documentary On The Incredible Life Of Herb McCandless

  1. Ed Burns

    Great stuff, Brian!…watched it straight thru!…your narration was the crowning touch to the best drag racing documentary i’ve ever seen….

  2. Piston Pete

    A great documentary about a man who would have been more of a legend if his greatest (racing) successes hadn’t come as the #2 guy in the first Pro Stock dynasty.
    Great job on the narration Brian, as enjoyable as Friday night at The Nationals watching and listening to you and Herb announce the Mopar Hemi Challenge.
    We need more of this sort of thing about our legends before they’re all gone, which is not a knock on Legends: The Series,
    It’s cool to see events that us older guys have experienced and a great history lesson for the younger guys coming up. Great job to everyone involved

  3. DG30

    Love a good documentary and this is one of the best I’ve seen. I could sit and listen to that guy for months. Awesome work Brian, need some more now!!

  4. Steve W.

    I watched the documentary the last two nights and really enjoyed it. Great job of narration, Brian! I really liked the part about the construction of the 1972 Dodge Demon. I was at the 72 or 73 AHRA show at St. Louis International Raceway when Herb showed up Sunday morning after failing to qualify at the NHRA Columbus race. He got one qualifying pass and went number one. I remember the car being white but it may have been the 72 Demon. Great memories.

  5. Gary Willis

    Thank you so much for making this avaialableto all us old mopars guys . I was a parts mgr in the 70s at a Chrysler dealer in Ky . One of the few direct connection dealers that would supply race car parts to the locals . Remember the day my phone rang when Sox and Martin needed parts I had !!!! I will never forget it! Sox and Martin brought class to racing! Herb carries the torch like no other !!!! Thank You Bangshift !!!!!

  6. Gary

    My brother, who ran Pro Stock back in the early days, wear sitting down at Indy Cylinder Heads winter swap meet a few years ago, and Herb was walking by. He simply stopped and just started chatting with us like he’d known us all his life. What a great and humble guy!

  7. Mike

    I was on Hot Rod Power Tour a couple of years ago and at the hotel parking lot I walked around the back and there was a guy telling car stories. His shirt had his name, Herb. He was telling when he drove a Ford for Roush. Said he did a burnout and oil pressure dropped and he shut down the engine. Jack came up. What’s wrong? Jack said that’s the way we run the Fords.

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