Neglection No Prep Is Coming To Undead Zombie Lyons Dragway! You Should Be There

Neglection No Prep Is Coming To Undead Zombie Lyons Dragway! You Should Be There

As hot as no-prep drag racing is these days there are few races that are actually 100% “no prep”. May tracks will sweep or quickly drag the track, some will even lightly spray which puts it into the “light prep” category but the guys at 260 Racing in Indiana don’t go for that. Nope, these guys are getting set to put on one of the coolest no prep races in history. What makes it so cool? It is going to be held at a closed drag strip. That’s right. Lyons Dragway was refurbished and reworked into a beautiful little facility only to be sold and closed last year.

The guys at team 260 who all race together out of Indiana got hold of the owner and got permission to have the gates unlocked for this event which will be happening May 19 and 20th. They are calling it Neglecting no prep and it is going to be awesome. If you are serious about running truly “no-prep” you have to be at this thing. There’s no excuse. By the time the race happens the surface (and everything else) will have been untouched for 10 months!

The Team 260 guys are putting their money where their mouth is with this thing as well. Here’s the list of classes and payouts.

Hard Tire Class – $20 entry $750 winner

True Street Class – $50 entry $1500 winner

Small Tire Class – $75 entry $2500 winner

Big Tire Class – $100 entry $5000 winner

Team 260 is a great group of guys who race together, travel together, and hit events like Drag Week, Lights Out 8, and others as a team. They have all different kinds of stuff but they share a common love of drag racing and fun. We give them all the credit in the world over this deal and in the coming weeks will keep you up to date with all the news and details as things get closer to happening.

It’s like some kids of a “field of dreams” deal, right? A group of drag racers gets to open the gate on a dead track and have some fun. You can’t script stuff like this and if we know these guys it is going to be one hell of a fun weekend of exciting no prep action.


Press play to take a look at Lyons Dragway – No prep abandoned perfection

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