NHRA Sends Letters Announcing License Revocation To Street Outlaws TV Cast – Competition Licenses To Be Revoked If Participation Continues

NHRA Sends Letters Announcing License Revocation To Street Outlaws TV Cast – Competition Licenses To Be Revoked If Participation Continues

The NHRA has sent strongly worded letters to virtually everyone who is appearing or has recently appeared on the hit Discovery Channel television show Street Outlaws. This show follows the exploits of a group of racers based in the Oklahoma area who “street race” on a weekly basis throughout the show’s season. The letters were delivered to most of the cast today as they began to appear on social media hot and heavy Tuesday evening. As predicted the reaction is as polarizing as the televisions show itself.

Supporters of the series are yelling and screaming that the NHRA is trying to squash the popularity of the Street Outlaws franchise while those that dislike the show in the first place are heartily agreeing with the NHRA sending the letters that state the very premise of the program violates the basic reason that Wally Parks founded the NHRA in 1951. It states plainly at the bottom of each letter, “Future participation in the show or any show of this nature may result in an indefinite suspension of your NHRA competition license.” That would mean that the racers would not be able to compete at NHRA sanctioned tracks across the country.

Rumor has it that this situation became a topic of discussion at the NHRA when an episode aired where the Oklahoma racers visited California and during said episode there were cars on the show which wore their NHRA competition numbers on the windows or the numbers were spotted on a support vehicle, etc. From what we have gathered, that is what put the whole thing on the NHRA radar screen and it seems to have escalated from that point. Obviously this is a hot button issue and the opinions vary wildly across the drag racing internet realm at this hour. It is well documented that the television audience for the Street Outlaws show is massive and outdraws all other drag racing programming on television so there are some claiming that this is a conspiracy to stop that. We’d argue that the PINKS phenomenon when it was rolling could make the same claims but no action was taken against them as the format of the show lent itself to traditional drag racing.

Another common theme is that “everyone knows” that the show has streets closed, police involved, lighting, safety, and other measures in place to protect the participants and crew but we’re not sure that it is ever directly stated on the show where a viewer could see it. If that is the case this may be a statement by the NHRA along the lines of, “If you tell me it is real, I am going to believe you.” We can understand both sides of this one to some degree.

With regard to the NHRA, the organization was founded on the tenant of recognizing hot rodders and taking their activities off the public roads and onto closed courses. On the side of the show there can be a very valid argument made that the popularity of what they are doing has inspired tracks across the country to adopt programs to get these style cars to events and participating where they may not have previously.

The one thing that will be interesting is that last line because the season has been shot, the episodes are in the can, and what happens when those shows air, even after these letters have been received? Do the licenses get pulled? Do people get a pass until next season? Time will certainly tell but this one is by no means over right now. There are familiar racers who fall into this as well. Tina Jones Pierce, Jeff Lutz, and other drag week competitors have been sent the letters so we’re going to keep our ears on and watch how this one develops.



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132 thoughts on “NHRA Sends Letters Announcing License Revocation To Street Outlaws TV Cast – Competition Licenses To Be Revoked If Participation Continues

  1. adam satterfield

    Pull the license… i love the show but it is staged and chicago beat them over 30 cars before they found slow enough cars to beat, i was at the filming and witnessed it… im hearing the same from cali and i am in the trucking industry… they illegally block major trucking routes for over 5hrs during major trucking times causing the price of all our goods to go up… the show is great but staged… put it on the track and lose like the turbo fags you are…

    1. Shane

      If you were at the filming and watched 30 races before they found slow enough cars then to you I say you are a liar

      1. Jerry B.

        Well I will tell you this much Street Outlaws are a joke. I am a real street racer for over 30 years we have no spot to race for we don’t legally block off streets to race we race and know the cops will bust us , All the guys I street race with none of us have a race car shop with car lifts we do this stuff in our garage in our back yards , you don’t know how bad I want to build a motor for my car and go bust the Murder Nova’s A$$.

    2. Will

      You are full of shit. They use airport runways and abandoned roads. They aren’t gonna shut down a major highway to race. And you weren’t there stop lying it’s not nice

    3. Patrick

      I was in California and watched when they came out, it went down just like it did on the. TV. Leads me to doubt your whole Chicago claim.

      1. Scott Bennett

        Yeah you watched it after they cherry picked their competition. Not hard to figure out Cleatus !

    4. Dana Hales

      You talk out both sides of you mouth.First,you say you love the show but you are a liar because the show is about racers in the 405 Oklahoma area code and you call them fags and say they are fakes,so you can’t possibly love the show since every episode is based on those same people.Second,even if those so called routes were blocked it is perfectly legal because the discovery channel has an agreement with local authorities to block off the road for filming,otherwise local authorities would have pursued charges long ago and a quick net search on the topic will verify that.

  2. Dale

    Street racing as the show does is against the law. To me the show glorifies it.
    I will side with NHRA.
    I am not a racer but I do attend different kinds of races quite often
    Drag racing is my favorite and watch it nationally on tv.
    Next is sprint car racing, I’ve been to Eldora many a times, great place to go.

    1. bob oliver

      I street raced from age 16 to about 23 or so it was nothing like this show , we went to the area around the Philadelphia pa. sports complexes parking and raced till the blue n red lights started flashing then just rolled to a new spot. with this tv show it will just bring down more heat on the KIDS that do it im with the NHRA on this one. if you have a licence and all kinds of money rapped up in your cars take it to the trac n leave the street racing to the KIDS that have STREET HOD RODS and shoe string budgets .

    2. tim

      People are just jealous of them it is the best show on TV watch ever show and wish I was there nhra needs to keep out of it if you don’t like the show don’t watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love those guys

      1. calvin smith

        scripted crap that is entertaining. promotes bad things. I remember street racing in the early seventies. we knew it was wrong but it was fun. To bring an all out drag car , not a little bracket type car is one thing, but a Pro Mod type car ! PLLEEEZEE give it a rest. The NHRA should take notice,Back to the basics, like Nostalgia Gassers and such. New Funny Cars are ok if you like big corporate racing. I like going to my local track and watch the Local street cars challenge each other and the local racers grudge match. Real not scripted crap

      2. mike

        i agree . build a real car some thing 10 secs or faster see whats it all about put ur blood sweet and tears into a car blow it up a few times if ya cant build a car or dont or what ever if ya not into it . then stay outta it .

      1. tim

        I agree if i could ever win the kind of money at a sanctioned track thats possible. On the street id go there but high fees and no prize money makes it a play ground for rich boys so nhra shut up or wake up and see the light.

    3. trog

      NHRA has turned into a billion dollar business. Wally started NHRA to get people to race at tracks not on the street, that was his main focus. Make it safer. Looks like NHRA by banning racers from the track are going to force them to race on the street. Kind of reverse of what Wally was after. NHRA needs to get back to basics and get these guys back to the track, maybe even use their popularity to increase failing attendance both from racers and fans.

  3. RockJustRock

    Has anyone considered the Street Outlaws upcoming participation in some “track racing” events like Lights Out this weekend?

  4. Jeff

    A lot of it is staged, but as for illegal, they get permits and have insurance for what they are doing. Would be great to have enough tracks around the country to where street racing would not be a problem. If it was all at the track, the show would lose some of its allure, even though it is illegal. Up into the 70’s, police would block off a street for people to race on for a day in many communities.

    1. JM in SoCal

      Real TV production is heavily insured and the insurance company would never tolerate a production that knowingly broke the law. If producers cannot get insured, they can’t work.

      No doubt, movie shoots will close some streets. i hear it on the Los Angeles traffic reports several times a year, KNX, KFI, etc. However, it’s all well-planned … It doesn’t just happen because somebody picks a section of highway.

  5. Jeff

    One other thing, I really doubt if anyone who even saw the numbers on the cars realized what they were and used for.

    1. Shelby

      I think if you are a competitor, or have knowledge of NHRA drag racing you would know exactly what those numbers mean

  6. Steve Skouson

    Will the Roadkill team be removed?

    Dave and Mike brought Mike’s Blasphemi to the garage. (It’s on the last Blasphemi episode.)

    “Those headers look like Ray Charles welded them.
    With his FEET!”



      NHRA is jealous,because when there show is scheduled it isn’t interupted or delayed by little leage baseball,soccer,ice scateing,rugby,you name it….oh and it’s got a good time spot,…unlike NHRA QUALIFYING…usually at 3 am if your lucky and not delayed ….LOL

  7. Steve Skouson


    These headers look like Ray Charles welded them with his feet!”

    And then David said something that was HEAVILY bleeped out.

    But, those headers DO look like Ray welded them with his feet! 😀
    (Sorry Mike!)


  8. sbg

    NHRA was organized to stop street racing, but has become so bloated and blind that they aren’t even really anything anymore. They are all about the sponsorship, not about getting people off the street – NHRA is pissed because they have competition… frankly, it’s about time.

    1. Shelby

      “Competition” would be the IHRA, not a show set out to get ratings by glorifying illegal street racing

      1. Matt Cramer

        Precisely – the TV show isn’t any form of direct competition. However, I’ve got to say the NHRA is well within their rights to say, “Hey, you can’t represent us as a racer in our own events and put on a street racing show too.”

        I’m not sure if that is the right call, but it is within their rights. There are quite a few other reasons it can be unnecessarily difficult to find a place to run in the NHRA. There are some categories of builds – anything with a turbo LS motor and a 4L60E transmission, for example – with absolutely nowhere to go in their classifications.

  9. Taylor

    I never liked the show cause it was so clearly staged and I really hate that kind of fake drama they pull. I swear in the few episodes I watched you could see the grand stands of the raceway off in the distance and the entire way is lit with generators. I mean c’mon I’m expected believe this shits real street racing. I think the NHRA is well justified to take their licenses based on how dumb this show is alone.

  10. 428FE

    Good call. I refused to watch any of the street race programs and stayed away from my local track when any of the the street racers made appearances.

    1. Scott Bennett

      Those are categorized as Street machines. Meaning they are legal to drive on the highway. It doesn’t mean they street race. You do know the difference don’t you ? I have a 2005 GTO I drive to work everyday , but don’t drag on the streets and turn 11 second 1/4 miles. And still get 15 mpg in town 21 on the highway. I don’t think it is the NHRA that is Jealous, it everybody in their slow ass family cars.

  11. Geoff Dugopolski

    Don’t all drag racers street race? I thought this is how we all started out. After getting in to too much trouble we move on to track racing. NHRA gets us all hooked on racing at the tracks then somehow fails to impress the public, fans lose interest and tracks close and the tracks that are still open have very few race days. This I’m turn causes us that are addicted to go back to where we started. The street! News flash NHRA …. There are several outlaw tracks where a guy with a 10 year old helmet and 4 year old seatbelts can compete and I am sure they would love the business. Isn’t NHRA a business? Whoever authorized this letter didn’t do much thinking for the business. I think NHRA better send out an apology letter ASAP or they might just be looking for a new job. I am sure that is what Wally Parks would have wanted! How about inviting street outlaws to NHRA events, that might help the situation of failing drag strips across the country.

    1. jc combs

      Very well said….. I love the show, it gives us bracket racers a great show to watch…..That’s what it is fellows…a show

  12. kiwi1

    “Another common theme is that “everyone knows” that the show has streets closed, police involved, lighting, safety, and other measures in place to protect the participants and crew but we’re not sure that it is ever directly stated on the show where a viewer could see it”

    Even so, it promotes street racing which drag racing wants to get away from this stigma, honestly I am behind this blockade due to that fact as there are so many copy cats out there.

  13. GARY B

    It is none of NHRA’s business what people do with there cars off the race track and those of you who don’t like it quit watching it it’s obvious your still watching it so quit being haters who cares if it is staged i would rather watch that then golf or basketball ,tell NHRA to get bent i don’t think legally they can do it and there are street racing events all over the country are they going to pull everyone license’s that participates in one I don’t think so ,if NHRA was getting something out of it this wouldn’t even be an issue

  14. Mike Cook

    With the fact that is on national tv that you are racing with your NHRA class and #’s on your car is like shoving it in the face of NHRA. If you know why it was started and want to continue racing at their events then you probably shouldn’t be on the show… Kind of a given to me. I mean I’m not going to be on national tv and talk crap/go against things one of my biggest show promotors then expect them to let me be in there events. Duh, grow up, that’s how it works in the real world. Do wrong against your work, get fired. HELLO! Same principles. Maybe NHRA should change a few things I will agree on that. But, it is what it is. AND! In saying that most drag racers partake in street races…. I’m sure they do, but NOT on TV! They do it when no one is looking… Like the Street Outlaws did before the camera crews came knocking. I know at Goodguy Rod and Custom events they will throw you out for doing burnouts. Don’t all hot rods do burnouts… DUH! But not right in front of Goodguy officials when it says right in their rules not to.

  15. old superstocker

    I agree with the NHRA. The kids and younger adults that see this garbage show on television seem to think this is real. Any NHRA licensed racer knows this show is just a bunch of created drama and the only reason they are participating is greed and their inflated ego’s. Real racers should put the pressure on them to stop, even at unsanctioned strips. Take all their licenses and ban them for life. They are not good for drag racing.

      1. Jeff

        Yup! And Richard Rawlings can’t do burnouts anymore. And Moonshiners! Censor it all! The kids won’t know!!!

  16. GARY B

    old super sucker i am a NHRA licensed driver and i dont think its any of NHRA’s business GREED? you act like you know what your talking about ,do you even know what they get paid or if they even get paid your talking out your ass ,leave them alone they are not hurting anyone if anything it will attract more people to get into drag racing and NHRA sucks every dime out of us racers making hard for the average guy to even race anymore and you know its true

    1. trog

      I agree, haven’t raced in years. The wife saw the show and it reminded her of how much fun we had at the track and the extended family we developed while racing. I’m finishing up my new race car soon. Owe it all to the street outlaws. Will I race on the street, I doubt it, but I get to race again. Thanks Farm Truck and Asian and the rest of the cast. And that is what they are. The cast of a very popular show.

  17. Sam Strube

    Regardless of which side of the issue I am on… the NHRA needs to hire a lawyer who knows how to write and quote rules before they send out a letter like that.
    The jurisdiction under which Section 1.3.1 Participant Conduct clearly states that said conduct is expected “at events” by “participants”. Hence the name “Participant Conduct”.
    Imagine you’re in court… “Now NHRA Lawyer, please explain to the jury how their conduct on a public street is participating in one of your events?
    Did they pay an entry fee?
    Did they sign a liability release?
    What’s that?
    So if the rule in which you quote, and then hereby punished our client(s) with does NOT APPLY (In my best Jack Nicholson “You can’t handle the truth voice”) TO THEM… how can you revoke their licenses?
    You can’t.

    1. Erica Ortiz

      This was the part of the letter I called into question also… if they are using a rule that states Participant Conduct at an “event”, then this would regulate only events held at NHRA facilities, right?

      This sets an ugly president if it is carried out. Imagine, anyone who receives a ticket for unlawful speeds on a public road could conceivably be charged as a “Street Racer” and subject as well by this logic.

    2. loren

      Yep, a good look at that letter, and NHRA kinda seem like dumbasses. (Discovery CHANNEL?) Since they have done so much more in the past decades to make drag racing a spectator sport instead of a participant one, they have become pretty irrelevant to most people I know anyway. It’s fair they should have the right to pull their stickers off the windows for a taped TV show that they aren’t agreeable to, but come up with a warning that doesn’t sound like it came from a parochial school principle.

  18. Brandon

    Of course streets are closed. If you believed this was all real and now feel you are cheated because this is closed street, you should rethink your learning curve. No matter if it is staged or whatever, it is a show about fast cars. NHRA has been falling by the wayside for a very long time. It has gotten more expensive and more expensive to go sit at a NHRA drag event where people sit for hours as cars race in 15 minute intervals. A cup of beer is close to 10 bucks now. NHRA has gotten too big for its britches. If you have watched carefully you have heard the street racers say time and time again they hate racing on the drag strip because of stickiness and the crappy way it is handled. The NHRA is handling this whole thing exactly like Jesse Ventura cried about Chris Kyle making fun of him. I have always thought that if the street racers had a good backer (besides NHRA) they could buy some land and make their own track away from NHRA regulations. Only time will tell what happens now.

    1. J

      Here in our town we have a track, open every Friday night, $20 unlimited passes, $5 spectators and byob, still have a huge illegal racing crowd.

  19. Dennis Beard

    To be honest i love the show and realize it’s staged under closed road conditions and some racers/drivers may not. All in all it’s like saying a pro motocrosser can’t go to average joe’s motocross track to train for racing without AMA’s consent. It seems to be a greed thing on NHRA and they want more $$$$$

    1. JT

      This is another jealous move by the NHRA. This has nothing to do with them, or their brand. But has everything to do with people not going to their events and spending money. If this street racing was such as big deal, how come the DMV isn’t threating to take drivers licenses away that would seem to be the obvious choice of licenses to take away, but these are supervised and organized events so it’s just a little out of their reach. And none of these guys claimed to be %100 street legal grocery getters, they do say they are street racers, and whether they’re the fastest in the country or not, who really cares, they are entertaining. And ask NHRA what happened to the highly popular PRO STOCK TRUCK class, and the import car series they started back in the late 90’s, if this isn’t about being jealous and losing their fan base. The only people NHRA care about, are the top fuel, funny car, and pro stock car owners, in other words, the super-rich and their sponsors, that’s why so many of these owners have 4, 5 or 6 cars in these classes.

  20. Joe

    every one with half a brain cell knows it is staged, now if the nhra starts pulling licensees then where are they going to race???? i’m shure they are not going to sell there cars and get a job as a cook flippin burgers no there going to really start street racing. so if the nhra wants to go through with it then THEY are the ones that are going to make it dangerous on the streets because that will be the only place to race. every one think about that first.

  21. turborat

    pretty sure none of the cast give a fuck what the NHRA thinks
    Dragweek isn’t run or regulated by the NHRA so they can frankly buzz off
    none of the crew run in NHRA events either so this is a waste of time

    1. chitownracer

      I’m with you that the most of the cast doesn’t give a crap but despite the fact that drag week is run by hot rod magazine they actually use nhra tracks around the country for the event. I’m sure someone like Jeff Lutz does care and is worried. I’m guessing most of the regular cast doesn’t care because they are getting paid by the show and getting exposure for there hot rod shops they run. But personally i think the nhra is just mad because someone is making money off drag racing and it isn’t them. And of course the show is staged anyone with half a brain could tell that from the first episode but it is a show about racing that isn’t boring because let’s face it, watching nhra events on tv is like watching golf

  22. james

    Does this mean that anyone that races at a IHRA, or any unlicensed track, airfield, silver state challenge? Those races all take place at non NHRA approved tracks.

  23. Jason Owen

    I am in Australia and we get this snot here also on Dicovery.
    Discovery should be taken to court for promoting Illegal street Racing and the MORONS doing it should be jailed and there Cars Crushed.

    At Australia’s biggest Race Meeting the “Winter Nationals” in 2014, there was a number these Idiots at the race and they were being treated like demigods and the local media was going GaGa, i made a Formal complaint to ANDRA, the Track Management and also the TV Channel airing the Race and they pulled everything on these cocks once ANDRA stepped in.

    They are fucking MORONS end of story.
    And to the other Cock here that stated “Its none of the NHRAs business what people do off the track” your just as big a Cock too.
    Point is it is NHRA’s business if they have the NHRA Logo and Number’s, etc plastered on the Cars and Support Vehicles, NHRA has full rights to take them to court for Damages and Slander and NHRA should wipe them all for life.

    Jason Owen

    1. Ex Machina

      ^ Wow, Jason. You must be some kind of hero to the ANDRA now.

      What a whinging knob you are.

      “Lets jail them and crush there cars…” Ha ha its just a staged TV show man, get a grip.

    2. Jethro

      So Jason do you also stop yourself from watching any car related movies such as 2 Lane Blacktop, Running on Empty, American Grafiti, fast and furious even heart like a wheel etc…? These all promote the same thing and are popular drag racers movies. As someone else has said would you ban any celebs from visiting a track due to the content of their movies?

  24. Randy

    the cars are more recognizable to anyone than anything NHRA puts on TV and basically this is about 2.2 million viewers a week vs 800K a week, all about the $$$$$$

  25. turbotater

    this is not a hard thing to understand. if you want to change someones behavior you can chose to punish someone into submission or create an environment that someone wants to participate in. tell me what class NHRA has that would welcome these cars? there are reasons organizations like PDRA succeed , it is because NHRA does not have cars that alot of people want to see.

    almost all hot rodders are very individualistic and semi bull headed as is demonstrated by the amount of money spent vs return on investment on our cars. you tell me which way has the highest chance of success.

  26. Blue'67CamaroRS

    The sad thing for the NHRA is that the average person knows the names of most of the cast on ‘Street Outlaws.’ They couldn’t tell you names of the top 2 or 3 drivers in each of the 3 ‘big’ classes of NHRA, other than Force, who has been around forever in advertisments. All the cars, in the ‘big’ 3 classes are cookie cutters from outward appearances and the drivers are so groomed for TV, that they appear dull and uninteresting. Where is the individuality in the drivers and the cars?? The corporate sponsers & pr men are in charge of the NHRA!

  27. Blue'67CamaroRS

    ….and also if someone does recognize the numbers and emblems as NHRA, the they should also know that ‘Street Outlaws’ is a staged TV show and not a an actual NHRA drag race!!!

  28. Jim

    Only watch a couple of times while channel surfing and didn’t think it was a very good idea. Then read an article that if was all staged and streets were closed,etc,etc. That made sense. It’s a TV SHOW, nothing more. I read one comment that it was all about greed. Thinking back to when I spent everything I made just to race including at some NHRA national level for no money, I would say good for whoever that they figured out how to make some money doing what they love. NHRA is pissed because it’s successful and they know it’s all staged and done in a safe manner. I think NHRA just opened a can of worms for themselves that could bring their entire house of cards down on themselves when the lawyers who will probably now get involved get to work and I don’t fell even a little sorry for NHRA who have I think destroyed drag racing as it was much better and more fun, one upon a time and it all started when they took away M/P, modified production, and started worthless index classes, S/G, S/C, S/ST, etc, where it took away the basic, first one to the other end is the winner.

  29. milkovich

    Street Outlaws is to street racing what Moonshiners is to bootlegging. To me it seems like the NHRA just wants to distance itself from the inevitable conclusion the outlaws are headed for. Either one of them will try to drive through a lightpole and everyone will cry about sfi specs not being good enough or a bunch of kids will get hurt trying to start a “list.” I love the show but to me it seems like the NHRA is making a logical (but unpopular) move for the long term.

  30. Don

    If 2 buddies came to me Saturday, one had tickets to watch a day at a local NHRA track and the other had tickets to watch a day of filming at a Street Outlaws taping. I go to the Street Outlaws race. Its staged, closed streets, generators, lights, all for understandable good reasons. Its also something I can relate to on my own personal level. I could own a car similar to the Outlaws..much less performance of course. Could I ever own a John Force Funny car or Top fuel car or even a Pro Stock car…Hell no. I am a member of one of the top drag racing forums, actually in my opinion the best forum. There is always a lot of talk of hatred towards the NHRA by real racers. Well, I am now convinced it has turned into a sport led by NHRA Jackasses, that only think of money, money, money. I really don’t think this is what Wally was shooting for..at all. NHRA was started with good intensions. Somewhere along the line shit went south. I will never and mean never attend an NHRA track event again. They do not own the sport of drag racing, contrary to their beliefs. You people that race frequently with the NHRA ARE in fact owned by them. Sickening. I wish the IHRA could make a strong comeback, and take away more of the fans of NHRA.

    1. JT

      Exactly the only people NHRA care about, are the top fuel, funny car, and pro stock car owners, in other words, the super-rich and their sponsors, that’s why so many of these owners have 4, 5 or 6 cars in these classes.

    2. Cory Jandrin

      Sounds like another “big name business” is butt hurt over the $$$ that’s not coming there way…

  31. tigeraid

    While street racing is monumentally stupid and anyone who does it is stupid, this seems really petty and out of touch on the NHRA’s part, considering a) all the shit on the show is staged and insured and b) it’s been around for like 3 years. I think the show is stupid and pointless too, but this just makes the NHRA look like bickering old men on lawn chairs.

  32. Bigpoppa

    stop bitching about the show … If your goin to bitch stop ALL movies that race bcuz they are all shows withs characters….. OMYGAWG how many Fast and the Furious movies are there did you whine NOPE ummmmm death race did you complain hmmmmm NOPE so leave the show alone whine azzez

  33. m

    NHRA should have just kept quiet. This news just makes me dislike them that much more. The cars aren’t anything like what is in production (like NASCAR) and competition for newcomers is pretty much out of reach financially for all most everyone. Street Outlaws is entertainment, even if it is staged, and I would watch reruns of it rather than a live NHRA event any day. NHRA needs to look at this as a wake up call.

  34. steve

    nhra should worry about filling the stands so they can charge crazy $$$ for their show .word to nhra—more people watching Street Outlaws than your shows

  35. 75Duster

    The NHRA stepped into a steamy pile of shit with this one, by threatening to take away their competition licenses when they aren’t on NHRA sanctioned tracks makes them appear to be like bitchy money grubbing organization.
    Yes I watch the show, it is called entertainment for a reason, and I know that the streets are staged, however it entertains me on a cold Monday night.
    It appears that the NHRA are the dumbasses on this one.

  36. mike zimmerman

    Sounds like USAC back in the 50’s banning anyone who “Outlaw” raced. The show is obviously staged, how come the cops never come on race night? But, I like the show, it’s entertainment right? Entertainment is not always real. It’s kind of refreshing, because racing has been consumed by money & sponsorship making it boring as hell and full of cookie cutter cars in every aspect of racing you can think of. The show shows what the individual can build or create without a phone book sized rulebook, kind of like 40 or 50 years ago. Get over it NHRA and give us something we can get excited about instead of whining.

  37. rpturbo

    I can’t believe that NHRA is now going to basically cut off it’s nose, to spite it’s face. This show has handed thousands of possible “racers” to them on a platter in a time where sponsorships are dropping faster than their tracks are closing, and they respond like this!? Shouldn’t they have conducted a “National” commercial that ran during the show, saying how much safer it is to race at a local track “near you” and promote themselves? What a bunch of dumbasses! How stupid do you have to be to work for NHRA? Maybe I should just write the obituary of NHRA now, because I think they are done. No wonder there is no good racing in the Midwest on a track!

  38. Jerry Lundegaard

    People, please keep in mind that Street Outlaws is a reality TV show. What is the shelf-life of a reality TV show? The NHRA will outlast Street Outlaws by a long shot.

  39. Steve from ICON Pistons

    I have personally met a majority of the cast from Street Outlaws at SEMA and SCSN. These are some of the coolest car guys I’ve ever met. These guys are all about meeting the fans and talking to them whether it be 2 minutes or an hour! SCSN this past year in Vegas, talked to Mike Murillo for almost an hour in his pit. Handed me a flashlight to check out under the hood since lighting wasn’t very good. How many NHRA guys would do that for you? How many would even let you in their pit stall?!
    Street Outlaws has had 5 seasons already and NHRA is barely doing this? The show has seen the ratings fly through the roof. You can count on it being on every Monday during the season, unlike NHRA that is always delayed for professional ping pong or extreme kayaking on ESPN 2. IF NHRA showed more pro stock and sportsman racing (super stock, stock, etc) many many more people would watch it.
    But that’s just my opinion….

  40. Mike

    Peel the NHRA stickers off the cars so you don’t piss off the franchise, and continue with the show. If the racers aren’t “representing the NHRA”, nothing more needs to be said.
    NHRA cannot, and does not, control the way any competitor or spectator operates a motor vehicle on the way to or from a sanctioned event, a trip to the grocery store, or while a competitor or spectator is driving during their vacation…but they sell alcohol at their events, and they want *everyone* to “arrive home safely”. I know, at 10.00 per beer, this argument seems like a stretch. To a claims adjuster for any insurance company, I guarantee you it isn’t. NHRA didn’t think this through well enough before sticking a foot in their big mouth.

  41. Turbo Regal

    I would be interested to see the viewership numbers of a “Street Outlaws” episode vs. an NHRA national event on ESPN2 or 3 or whatever network carries it., even a big one like the Winternationals and I’ll bet they aren’t even close.

    If you want to get noticed, go on “Street Outlaws”. If you want to toil away in increasing obscurity, join the NHRA.

  42. LoneWolf 573

    just like the show says at the beginning “Just because we’re dum-asses-don’t mean you have to be” But NHRA has fallen to their level-They are asses too!

  43. manifest

    Promoting safe and responsible drag racing is something that SO and Discovery is not doing, although they don’t call it “drag racing”. For most of the people reading this it is no surprise that the racing is done on closed streets with safety in mind (ie: no cars or people standing on the side of the road as cars run or lanes of traffic going the opposite direction only separated by a grass median). But for the rest of the world watching that doesn’t know the first thing about drag racing or that they are watching street racing, it could cause a problem. Just like Fast and the Furious did, it gives the ignorant reason to think they too can race on a straight road and that their 1000hp supra doesn’t need a roll cage or that the 22 year old dirt bike helmet is really going to protect their skull. The NHRA has the right to revoke their competition license because they are who issued it. They are not taking the drivers birthdays or SS numbers. I raced with NHRA for many years and stopped due to the outrageous rules and cost they kept adding to the sportsman racers. I would much rather spend my money to run one of “Duck’s” races at SGMP or a local track but guess what, NHRA is the sanctioning body for these tracks too. I say that both the show and NHRA need to rethink thier business model before they drown in the same pool.

  44. derbydad276

    the opening credits of the show spell it out ….

    and say DON’T DO THIS ON THE STREET !!!!

    in Detroit we had 3 major dragstrips 2 of them are gone because of encroachment of homes and the last one is being threatened by the same

    The NHRA could run commercials during the highly popular show but they dont
    Their Loss
    many tracks have dropped the NHRA because of all their (bullshit)
    and have gone outlaw or IHRA

    street outlaws are trying to (spin ) off a new show in Detroit I HOPE they can do it it will provide jobs
    where is the NHRA ? sitting on their asses trying to Bully their way

  45. Noah Rulez

    Now everybody can see why many organizations like to sell licenses.

    If you do something they don’t like or negatively affects their franchise value , they take away your racing privileges.

    Happily, lots of circle tracks don’t bother with this charade. You run what you brung and follow the track safety rules.

    As Force has said many times, “It’s my car and I’ll run it the way I want”

  46. T. stain

    NHRA legal dept. decided they had better distance the company far from SO TV, take the NHRA licenses, that’ll stop illegal street racing! Instead of this symbolism at making NHRA relevant to street racers, they do nothing to fight real illegal street racing anywhere else. Nhra’s leader is an accountant, not a leader or racer. TV Sports editors might pay a little attention to NHRA for a couple of days now.

  47. Hamilton

    It is staged to a certain point but not completely. They recently held a race here where I live in Cleveland Mississippi. The race will be on next years episode because they are showing last years races this year. They did the races on a old rural road with minimal traffic late at night. The Discovery channel paid the city of Cleveland to block the road off and give the security. I have friends that were involved in the races and we all actually loaded up our cars and headed that way to get in on the action. The police would not let anyone anywhere close to where they were filming the show. I grudge race on a regular basis which is the same racing they do.. When we hold a street racing event in our area its posted in closed groups on FB and we normally have a minimum of 100 cars. The only people that are ever at a “Street Outlaws” event are the drivers and there crew. In the under ground world of street racing the word of a good race spreads like wild fire. If it wasn’t allowed by the local authorities they’d have a audience of hundreds of people in no time.

  48. Joe Pakiela

    Yeah show is a joke. How is it that they race in what appears to be the same spot most of the time yet never get caught?

  49. fuelpower

    This is the problem I have with NHRA. They claim to give people a “safe” place to race besides the street. But I see many tracks closing (I can count at least 6 plus on bangshift alone) and big ol’ NHRA doing nothing about it. Take a page out of SEMA’s book and lobby and get involved. All they do is take your money and do nothing for the racer but you guys keep going back. Battered wife syndrome anyone? Last I checked America was a free market and for them to do some “mafia” style scare tactic, they can choke on a big phallic object.

  50. AA/FA

    Its made for TV. Farm truck and AZN are getting paid to appear at PRI and at the Autoramas next to the WWE wrestlers so that tells you what it is really about. It will fade away like the other so called “reality” shows when they run out of material.
    In reality though how many of these guys actually have NHRA competition licenses anyway? They all went to Hawley’s school, had medical clearance etc…? doubt it.

  51. Pizzandoughnuts

    I can see from a legal stand point that the NHRA may want to distance them self’s from this show, begin that there assigned numbers are on some of the vehicles. There is a certain amount of liability, in that they are saying that if something were to happen be it in filming, offsite or anywhere there could be legal ramifications. People sue for every little thing these days, yet another angle for a lawyer to reap money.
    As far as the show I do enjoy it, but I will point out that more should be done to show the true content of it. Closed roads, police controlling traffic in and out of the film set. But I also need to say that the people that dislike this show if they were given the opportunity to be on the cast, you would not hear a single grumble out of there mouth.

  52. Scott Bennett

    None of these car’s are even street legal. Pass standard emissions where you take them and run DOT approved tires and see how many car’s they actually have to run on the Highway. Bogus BS not to mention the annoying redneck cast.

  53. Blue'67CamaroRS

    Oh…My …God – Jay Leno drove a totally illegal race on the streets!!!! Someone call the NHRA and yank his license!!!!

  54. cyclone03

    If all those issued “The Letter” joined a suet with Discoveries Lawyers leading the way v. NHRA’s law team this may be as fun to watch as the Jeremy Mayfield Drama.

  55. Capital E

    In regards to the show, yes it’s staged. Personally I am glad it is. I would rather see these yahoos “street race” in a staged environment then the alternative. I see a lot of complaints about there cars not being street cars. It’s true they aren’t street cars they are the fastest “STREET RACED” cars, is what they claim. Now that can be debated to the end of time but thats not the point.
    The NHRA have no say in what people can and can’t do outside of there events. The only thing they can really say is say we do not want anything to do with NHRA to be included in the show ie: race numbers stickers etc… If the NHRA really wants to try to pull this crap, well they are gonna have to fight with the Discovery Channels lawyers. If there is one thing you don’t do is try to go up against a major tv network army of lawyers. They will not let them get in the way of all that money…

  56. Stan

    Yes, the streets are closed. How do you think they could have 10 or more races without the cops coming…duh….most of the shows are at an abandoned airport runway or out in the middle of no where because the cars are loud as hell….And when they release the trans brake…it is all real….. so quit all the bitchin and enjoy the show. If it was all REAL, no one would watch…..

  57. Paul

    Didn’t anyone read the disclaimer at the beginning of the show? “Just because we are dumb asses, doesn’t mean you should do this shit at home”.

  58. Petethefarmer

    It’s entertainment and I believe the cars are very fast. Who cares if it is staged? The NHRA is only missing the $$$$$.

  59. Scott Liggett

    Yes, it is true that NHRA was founded on getting people off the streets and racing in a controlled environment, the track. They also worked with local governments and police departments to get tracks open so these kids will have a place to do it.

    But, have they done any form of this in the last 25 years? Tracks are closing nation wide nearly every week. Where is the NHRA to help keep these tracks open? Many are NHRA sanctioned tracks who have paid to be so, yet they are facing closure due to pressure from all sides. Where is the NHRA to help them? Is the VP Josh Peterson writing letters to help keep the street racers off the street where these tracks are closing?

    The fact is that NHRA is now so far removed from the original mission statement that Wally Parks wrote that they sound rediculous now. They should spend more time trying to attract more fans to the stands and making it more affordable to the lower class racers to compete than worrying some “tv show people” are doing.

    I do think that cast of the show should remove their NHRA numbers off their cars when on the show. But, seeing how there isn’t much real about reality shows…..

  60. just for fun racing

    NHRA really need to take notice here and get off the everyday racers ass and let them have some fun again if they get away with this what are they going after next dragweek

  61. Eric Nandal

    Pinks all put was a way better show. Real street able cars. Also pinks all out would let up to 500 people race . Street out laws is the WWE on crack. If the NHRA had a race series that was on tv with heads up class racing they would make a killing. But the NHRA only cares about the top of the food chain.

  62. Chuck Fasst

    By the way, NHRA is considered non-profit, which I find amazing. I street raced in Portland years ago. And it was more exciting for me. Back then neighbors managed to shut down big time racing at PIR for noise. Promotion of the Bracket Series suffered and the racing became boring.

    Then NHRA started coming down with all these safety rules. Replacing your belts and nets every 2 years in a 11-12 second car? Give me a break.Helmet rules and a bunch of others made racing too expensive for bucks down racers. Sure was good for major sponsors like Simpson though.The streets became way more inviting.

    Some of the cars from around here, back then are here:


    Shows like Outlaw Racers became more popular because NHRA didn’t take it back to the streets the way they should have. Sometimes you grow too big and start forgetting about your roots. Sooner or later NHRA will be forced to make the necessary changes – they will be forced to by the younger generation.

  63. ShawnNJ

    You guys all sound like a bunch of crybabies lol. Wahh boo hoo its all fake… like any show on tv isnt? The pulls are real and they’re real gear heads… those are the only 2 things I care about. Its a TV show… ALL reality tv shows, I don’t care how real you think they are, are staged as much as possible. Get over it. Its absolutely the most entertaining show on tv. I can understand NHRA not wanting to be associated with it but I think its BS them pulling their licenses. This literally has nothing to do with NHRA and nobody is acting like it does. These people are not representatives of NHRA, theyre competitors within.

    1. Blake r

      I’m with you Shawn everyone want to cry about the show if you don’t like it change the channel,dont sit there and watch it if you don’t care for it that simple. NHRA got cut out of the money so now they are all acting stupid as fuck.

    1. Jason Gardiner

      He doesn’t represent all Australians. Just a sad, overreacting member of a public pressured by poor media into thinking cars and their drivers are the enemy. There is a time and a place for everything but a little common sense allows us to live in the not so cut and dry/grey areas of public morality.

  64. KB

    NHRA BLOWS…. They are just P.O’d because they are not getting any money out of the deal. I would say pull my freakin licence. There are many tracks that are not NHRA sanctioned they can race at. So what if the show is staged, its entertainment. No different than Moonshiners. NHRA is a joke period…. Look at the stands, plenty of seats empty at any national event. That might tell you something wrong in the first place. As far as street racing goes, there will always be a race on the street somewhere. Line em up boy’s and girl’s.

  65. K.C.

    Anybody every been to a street race where the cars show up in a convoy of racetrailers. Far as I’m concerned, Farmtruck is the only “STREETRACER”

  66. George

    NHRA and NASCAR Are like a fair. But travel around for the rich and famous. These boys got then self a show and making little money. NHRA Butt Out.

  67. VRMN8R

    Wake up folks …… It’s a ” Reality Show ” They’re ” ALL Cooked up ”
    and ” FAR from reality ” ….. and not worth sniveling about lololololololol

  68. RR

    Funny the NHRA is upset about this reality show. Just try and get the NHRA to support keeping a local track open they have no interst in that. What Wally Parks started so long ago has become far from what the NHRA is today. This all grew a long time ago to try and give street racers a place to race safely. When was the last time the NHRA helped with anything grass roots their only interest is the big events and the corporate dollar its a big buisnness and image is everythign to them. To hell with the little guy.

  69. KB

    If you really want to see how they make there cars so freaking fast. Go to there midwest web site. $51.00 for a hat….LOL LOL LOL. Now thats some funny shit.

  70. trog

    A little late getting to the show here, been up on the North Slope of Alaska looking for oil so we can all race. To the Austin who thinks we’re all morons, really, you’ve never street raced or been involved one way or another? Oh well. You say everyone rushed over and treated the street outlaws like they were demigods when they visited your local track. Hope your not one of the track promoters cause it sounds like there was a lot of spectators there just to see them. Hmmmm. Let me see, bunch of morons show up at track and pay good money to see the street morons and probably spend a ton of money on drinks and food and maybe other track related material, e.g., pit pass, souvenirs, whatever, and you see a problem with that? You and NHRA should probably rethink your stand and figure out how you can fill the stands and get more racers to the track by using those morons popularity . I’m building a new car now and hope to be racing soon because those morons reminded my wife just how much fun we used to have racing at the track. I would like to think that I’m smart enough to realize that the show isn’t real and that most others realize it too. It’s a show with cast members, and that’s all it is, a show. So NHRA’S stance about being on that show, does it apply to a movie that shows racing in a bad light. We’re removing your license because you were involved with a remake of Hot Rods to HELL
    REALLY, who’s really the moron here?

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