Save The Race Track: Onondaga Dragway In Michigan Battles For Its Life – Here’s How To Help

Save The Race Track: Onondaga Dragway In Michigan Battles For Its Life – Here’s How To Help

Michigan’s Onondaga Dragway, which was reopened after years of wrangling and has been providing a place for hot rodders to gather and have fun is under assault, legally, again. The track is needed to raise funds to continue the legal defense of their existence against persistent lawsuits by people who claim the track is a nuisance and needs to be shut down. The last six years have seen the track open and close while fighting these lawsuits and now the need for help is even greater than ever as they need financial help to keep their battle going and the time window is closing.

This is a nice, well-kept, and by all reports well managed race track that is helping the community by the same means every track does. People that come to town to go racing also buy things, support local business, and most importantly they keep their speed activities concentrated to the place where they don’t face legal problems…the drag strip!

Much like the craziness that Fontana Raceway had to deal with in California, this is a series of lawsuits brought by ONE PERSON to stop the operation of the track. Literally one guy is trying to bury the place.

You know our thoughts on race tracks, drag strips, and every other location where hot rodders gather to have fun, test their equipment, and test their smarts. These are important places, not just for the entertainment but for the continued viability of the stuff that we love to do.

If you can help out Onondaga Dragway, we have provided a link to do that below.

Here’s the link to throw some bucks their way: Help Onondaga Dragway

LINK: Onondaga track FB Page

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7 thoughts on “Save The Race Track: Onondaga Dragway In Michigan Battles For Its Life – Here’s How To Help

    1. David

      They recently installed 2 sections of grandstands. Every year they’ve done something to improve the experience at the track, for the racers AND spectators.

    2. Jerry Green

      No. Substantial grandstand, tower, consession/souvenir stand and facilities are present.

  1. Greg

    Whenever I go to a racetrack of car related event i let any businesses I come in contact with why I’m in their town. Hopefully that helps stop this type of foolishness.

  2. Nick Fay

    This dragstrip is a very historic place. Many of the big names in drag racing history competed here in the 60s and 70s. Names like Don Garlits, Connie Kalitta, Shirley Muldowny just to name a few. I live close, and have a great interest and love with the place..anyone that can, please help us.

  3. Jerry Green

    Plans of reuniting my Dad’s Shifty3 Anglia with her home are again thwarted by angry old people. Whether it be a racetrack, hotel or dog kennel, the owner of the property should be allowed to do whatever they want during daylight business hours. You would think a dragstrip with noise on Saturday and Sunday daylight hours would be better than a pig farm at anytime. Let’s put pig barns on the mobile home park property line instead. The smell couldn’t rival the shit they have been spewing from the onset.

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