Are You A Circle Track Racer Looking For An Edge? A COMP Hustler Cam For Your CT525 Engine Is it!

Are You A Circle Track Racer Looking For An Edge? A COMP Hustler Cam For Your CT525 Engine Is it!

The GM CT525 engine has become a mainstay of many circle track classes across the USA. The engines are cheap and tough and readily available to the people who want them. Like any form of racing, especially those using a spec engine, things can be done to earn an edge and gain an advantage over the competition. COMP cams knows this and that is why they have developed and released the Hustler camshaft in two versions, both designed for circle track racers using the CT525 engine.

The first option gives a .004″ increase in lift with a slight increase in duration to improve the engine’s performance and the second version offers a more radical 15-degree increase in duration but does so without giving away its presence with a more rowdy idle. The end result is even more horsepower in a slightly less clandestine fashion than option one.

All engines are not created equal and COMP knows that. Are you looking for an edge in your stock car racing operation? This Hustler may well be it.

Here’s the story from COMP about their new Hustler cam for CT525 engines

Memphis, TN – COMP Cams® is expanding the HustlerTM Camshaft Series for CT525 LS-based crate engine owners not afraid to push the limits of the rulebook for extra horsepower, torque and usable RPM range.

The HustlerTM profiles are now available in two stages for the CT525 crate engine. The Stage 1 HustlerTM cam profile offers .004” more lift than the stock cams and a very slight duration increase, making it very difficult to catch without removing the camshaft. The optimized cam profile and ramps provide for more area under the curve, resulting in greater power.

The Stage 2 HustlerTM design presses the rules even further by offering the same .004” increase in lift but 15° more duration, surpassing GM’s maximum duration limit but maintaining the max allowable “legal” lift. In spite of this aggressive profile, the Stage 2 cam still maintains the “stock” like exhaust note, helping to not give away your new-found edge.

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