3Dog Garage Tour Gallery: A Look A The Second Floor Of America’s Most Jaw Dropping Collection

3Dog Garage Tour Gallery: A Look A The Second Floor Of America’s Most Jaw Dropping Collection

(Words and photos by Joe Grippo) –Let’s continue our walking tour of the private collection of the 3DOG Garage. I had visited 3Dog in the past, but the collection recently has expanded to the newly restored second and third floors restored and this was my first visit to the new spaces. The refinished original factory floors were contrasting beautifully against the gorgeous brick walls and old industrial windows, the perfect lighting made the room feel warm and cozy. I could live here.

While the first floor was all about race cars of every variety, the second floor is dedicated to one model year of vintage Ford, 1936. Owner Ross Meyer loves his Fat Fendered Fords. A few years back, Meyer teamed up with Rad Rods by Troy to build a ‘36 called First Love and promptly went to Detroit and brought home the Riddler Award. The fit, finish and craftsmanship on this car is off the charts. The shame of it is when it is sitting on the floor the undercarriage and suspension can’t be viewed, so Ross fixed that by adding two glass holes in the first floor ceiling allowing the bottom of ‘First Love” to be appreciated! Next to that masterpiece sits another…Ed Pink’s chopped ’36 El Mirage racer. The unbelievably deep red paint looked like you could stick your arm into it! juxtaposing those two were a perfect restored Cabriolet and a modern styled nasty black roadster covered in louvers with a race car inspired aluminum interior and gold Halibrand styled wheels.

This level of the building also housed an incredible collection of Tom Fritz art work displayed gallery style. All I needed was some wine and cheese! On the other end of the floor at the top of the winding staircase was a very comfy sitting area with a large flat screen tv and custom aircraft styled chairs with what might be the coolest table ever. Also on the floor was a gorgeous reference library with lacquered, gold leaf and pinstriped cabinets, more leather chairs and built in shelves proudly displaying the Riddler trophy and other awards. We just peaked our head and camera in quickly as this was the only room we were asked not to enter, can’t blame them, the room was amazing.

Next stop, the 3rd floor and Hot Rod overload. Stay tuned…

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3 thoughts on “3Dog Garage Tour Gallery: A Look A The Second Floor Of America’s Most Jaw Dropping Collection

  1. 71C10SWB

    I’ve seen the black roadster with the aluminum paneled interior and the two tone green 37(?) “First Love” car (I think built by Rad Rides, but maybe Foose??), Both cars are phenomenal. The First Love car was on a lift at Street Rod Nationals. I think I stared at the details for at least 15-20 minutes.

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