PRI 2014: The Boss Bird 1971 Pontiac Trans-Am Funny Car. 3,000hp Nitro Pontiac Engine, Beswick History, And A Cloyes Double Roller Timing Chain?!

PRI 2014: The Boss Bird 1971 Pontiac Trans-Am Funny Car. 3,000hp Nitro Pontiac Engine, Beswick History, And A Cloyes Double Roller Timing Chain?!

We’re weird. We know that we’re weird and we kind of embrace that fact. If you have been around here for very long you know that. The guys in the Cloyes Performance booth have what could be the coolest car at PRI 2014 in the form of the Eric Larson owned and campaigned Boss Bird 1971 Pontiac Firebird. This car was run by Arnie Beswick and was the last “true” Pontiac funny car to run with the big dogs in the blown, nitro burning department in the early 1970s. It was not around for that long because frankly the mighty Pontiac didn’t have a whole lot for the hemi guys back then and “The Farmer” stuck with the cause as long as he could before making the switch to a Chrysler elephant powered car. The machine is spectacular and has been a labor of love for Larson and his crew who have experienced the highs (bringing the car back to life) and the lows (a big fire) of running this unique and historic machine.

The thing that makes us weird is freaking out because this car runs a stock part number Cloyes Performance double roller timing chain in it. Yes, this multi-thousand horsepower car uses a timing chain. Not a belt, not gears, a flippin’ chain. Making things even more awesome is the fact that the chain has the added work of turning the fuel pump and the magneto. After a bunch of runs the team swapped chains and sent theirs back to Cloyes for inspection and the thing was virtually perfect and could have stayed in there for a good long time. Nuts, right?

To be perfectly honest we were a little flummoxed as to why this car was sitting in the Cloyes Performance booth at first because other than its sheer awesome looks and the ability to attract foot traffic we didn’t see the relevance of it to a timing chain company. We then looked like tourists when asking one of the Cloyes guys what the story was while standing directly in front of the display shown below that literally tells the tale of the chain that was on the car and how much it stretched, etc. Not only are we lacking in smarts, our powers of observation are apparently leaving the building as well.¬†Chances are that if you have screwed together a high performance engine in your life a Cloyes timing chain has been a part of the program somewhere along the way.

Lastly, if you have ever wondered about the strength and durability of a timing chain we’re pretty sure that the Cloyes guys will be more than happy to tell you about the nitro burning Pontiac that their stuff lives in happily. Your stuff ain’t got nothing on the Bad Bird!


Boss Bird Funny Car001 Boss Bird Funny Car002 Boss Bird Funny Car003 Boss Bird Funny Car004 Boss Bird Funny Car005 Boss Bird Funny Car006 Boss Bird Funny Car007 Boss Bird Funny Car008 Boss Bird Funny Car009 Boss Bird Funny Car010 Boss Bird Funny Car011 Boss Bird Funny Car012

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6 thoughts on “PRI 2014: The Boss Bird 1971 Pontiac Trans-Am Funny Car. 3,000hp Nitro Pontiac Engine, Beswick History, And A Cloyes Double Roller Timing Chain?!

  1. Brian Baker

    That’s not actually “THE” car that was campaigned by Arnie, it’s a modern spec tribute to what he ran back then. Arnie actually had 2 versions of this car, one was R.A. V Pontiac powered and the other ran a conventional hemi. The hemi car was pieced together from the remains of the Challenger bodied funny car (owned by Vic Ferris) he also campaigned in that era, with a T/A body.

    The car here features a pair of custom billet heads designed by Eric Larson that are “patterend” from the original Pontiac R.A. V heads.

  2. frank stanley aka moparfrank526

    i owned three mopar super stockers two ss/ia dusters 340 cu in with cloyes double rollers with 535 dynoed hp and ran those chains in the 340 motors for the cars ran 640’s in the 1/8 mile 10.50’s in quarter thery were in my dusters for 6 years my 69 super be ran 6.90’s in 1/8 mile all had roller cams the bee weighed 3800 lbs 440 4v car and the chain i ran it for 10 years with no problem i would ck my centerline at end of each year no change then i built a ss/na 318 volare and used cloyes and it lasted for 7 season then sold car will use nothing but the best and my partner had a ss/1da67 ply 426 hemi ran 640 in 1/8 mile ran cloyes for 10 years i tore down and put together his motors that how iknow this i will use nothing else i owned a grage for 35 years did 25 to40 remans a year and they got cloyes

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