This Video Recap Shows Every Radial vs The World Eliminations Run At No Mercy 8

This Video Recap Shows Every Radial vs The World Eliminations Run At No Mercy 8

So as you read this I am on the way home from No Mercy 8, the late season race that is put on by Donald “Duck” Long at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The event was a thrash and while racing was slated to begin on Wednesday and continue to Sunday, ma Nature intervened and the whole program was buttoned up on Saturday because Sunday was looking so bad in the eyes of the weather forecasters.The good news is that the hearty racers and hearty fans of this event showed up and both put on an witnessed a great show. From Ultimate Street, x275, Pro 275, Limited Drag Radial, and the headlining Radial vs The World class, this thing had something for every fan of door slammer drag racing imaginable. That’s doubly true for Radial vs The World.

This video from CompetitionPlusTv recounts every single elimination run from every round of Radial vs The World. You’ll see the clean runs, the tire smokers, the upsets, the whole shots, and all the rest. In my estimation Radial vs The World is about the most exciting and compelling class in the sport of drag racing right now. The mechanical combos, the body and chassis styles, and the people involved all make it something the likes of which this sport has not seen in decades.

I missed the era when match bash cars turned into funny cars. I missed the era when dragsters evolved into nitro burning monsters like they are today, I missed the Super Stock Nationals, and those legendary match races back in the day. This is the modern day version of those things. Seriously, in 30 years we’ll all be talking about the heyday of the Radial vs The World category which is happening right now. Listen, a guy with a freaking cast block, cast head, stock wheelbase Mustang qualified #1 in the mid 3.70s! That thing was chased by mountainous nitrous engines, huge turbocharged big blocks, a stock bore spacing big block, and more. All of this stuff happening on a 315 tire. Pro mod style cars, stock wheelbase style cars, and just the coolest people you will ever meet.

Yes, there were people on the starting line, yes there was rain, yes it was hotter than hades for most of the weekend but they all came and boy did they put on a show! The maelstrom comes back again in February and I cannot wait to be part of it again!

Press play below to see every single eliminations run from No Mercy 8 –

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4 thoughts on “This Video Recap Shows Every Radial vs The World Eliminations Run At No Mercy 8

  1. Don

    1/8 Mile racing has always been around. Not sure how it is killing anything. Dude you need to go to No Mercy, any Outlaw event @ the House of Hook or Phoenix City and watch a race. Nothing is better, Nothing.

  2. Bill Butte

    1/8 will always be popular because of less space requirements – besides they’re running as fast if not faster speed (not ET) than the quarter and a whole lot wilder action too!

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