The Scoop! Danny Thompson Hammers Streamliner To 435mph! All Saturday Record Qualifiers Here

The Scoop! Danny Thompson Hammers Streamliner To 435mph! All Saturday Record Qualifiers Here

Here’s The Scoop! This is the place where we’ll post all of the cars that qualified to make a record run at the Bonneville Salt flats each day during Speed Week. There were 10 cars that qualified on Saturday and the headliner was Danny Thompson. He made a massive 435mph run in the Challenger 2 and has set himself up to destroy his own record on Sunday morning. George Poteet, running the famed Speed Demon in the A/Blown Fuel Streamliner is set to take one of the legendary Al Teague’s records if all goes well for the team on Sunday morning.

Let’s look at all the competitors who have a shot!

AA/Fuel Streamliner – Current record 406mph held by Danny Thompson

Qualifier: Danny Thompson

Qualifying Speed: 435mph

Engines: Twin 500″ injected, nitro burning, Chrysler hemi V8s

A/Blown Fuel Streamliner -current record 409.986 held by Al Teague 

Qualifier: George Poteet

Qualifying Speed: 418.168

Engine: turbocharged 444″ Chevy V8

XXO/Blown Fuel Modified Roadster – current record holder 218.239 by Goldman Shores racing

Qualifier: Garrett Boyle (Goldman Shores Racing)

Qualifying speed: 218.825

Engine: Supercharged GMC “Jimmy” six 302ci 

B/Diesel Truck – Current record holder 190.140 by Tim Boyle

Qualifier: Tim Boyle

Qualifying speed 201.142***  — Potential 200mph club entrant if successful in setting record

Engine: 408″ Cummins inline six turbo diesel


G/Classic Gas Altered – Current record holder 113.131 held by Mark Ortiz

Qualifier: Chris Mursik 

Qualifying speed: 120.821

Engine: 1964cc VW flat four 

A/Fuel Rear Engine Modified Roadster – Current record holder Rat Trap Racing 216.222

Qualifier: Dave Isley

Qualifying speed: 243.558

Engine: 496″ Chevy big block 

A/Blown Fuel Modified Sports Car – Current record holder – F. Guljas 257.768

Qualifier: Rick Harden

Qualifying speed: 274.615

Engine: 477″ Chevy big block 

Vintage four cylinder/Vintage Oval Track – Current record holder – Miller Radtke 110.092

Qualifier: H&H Wild Turkey (Bobby Green driver) 

Qualifying speed: 112.447

Engine: 218″ Ford flathead four cylinder

D/Modified Pickup Truck – Current Record holder – BWT and Barnes 160.022

Qualifier: Larry Landcaster

Qualifying speed: 164.764

Engine: Chevy 302ci V8

XF/Blown Gas Rear Modified Roadster – Current record holder – Ron SanGiovanni Jr 192.448

Qualifier: Ron SanGiovanni Jr.

Qualifying speed: 210.466

Engine: supercharged 276″ Ford Flathead V8






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6 thoughts on “The Scoop! Danny Thompson Hammers Streamliner To 435mph! All Saturday Record Qualifiers Here

  1. mc1984ss

    Do you happen to have any details or pics of the motor in speed demon? Ive never seen those guys run that much cubic inch before. I’m guessing they went with more displacement to go after other records? It is also great to see the Thompson liner back on the salt, I thought the car was getting retired last year. One other thing do you have any info on that saltwinder streamliner? It that the Haas streamliner with a new paint job? Thanks for the pictures!

    1. DanStokes

      Speed Demon usually shows up with a brace of engines and they swap them at the track frequently. Not surprising that they would have an “A” engine in their stash so yes, they swap to qualify for different classes. George and Ron Main are at the very top end of this sport.


  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Danny Thompson has done his father proud and has upheld that great name in land speed racing. Although it would have been more fitting to run a brace of Pontiac motors, they would never have given the sheer power that those Hemis produce.

    So well done and I’m looking forward to the Poteet and Main/Danny Thompson show down and also a piston engined absolute speed record being broken/

    1. ratpatrol66

      Not going to happen Chevy HATER. The Challenger spit a rod out of the front engine on the back up run. But Danny still has the top speed so far!

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