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Money No Object: Mustang Wagon? Confused Fairmont? We Don’t Care! This Fox Mutt Is Awesome!

Money No Object: Mustang Wagon? Confused Fairmont? We Don’t Care! This Fox Mutt Is Awesome!

The beauty of Ford’s Fox platform is that you can mix-and-match whatever you want to make something truly unique. Unfortunately, it’s not often actually done. We’ve seen a couple of machines that make us want to raid junkyards to piece together a unique take on the Fox platform…in my personal case, the nose cone from a Ford LTD on a Fairmont Futura/Zephyr Z7 body and a 1979-82 Mustang dashboard sounds amazing, but this wagon is even more off-the-wall than I could have expected. What you are looking at is the successful cross-pollination of late Eighties Mustang GT and a 1981 Fairmont station wagon, but the fun only starts there…

Yes, Virginia, that massive scoop does have a purpose: it feeds the 514ci Super Cobra Jet mill under the hood. This is the kind of setup that would still be scary fast if you pulled two plug wires, so don’t sweat the horsepower and torque figures. There is not one ounce of subtlety or sleeper to be found with this wagon…and that makes it awesome. What’s even more awesome is that the car is street legal and can be driven away from the dealership once you take possession of the keys. Hey…she said “practical car”, right? What isn’t practical about a station wagon?

Here’s the rundown from the listing: “Under the hood is a 514ci Super Cobra Jet engine with aluminum heads. It’s an engine that would definitely make the Mustang lovers proud. Edlebrock RPM Gap intake, 4150 HP 900 CFM carb, MSD ignition, custom coated headers and 3 inch exhaust, ARP studs and fasteners, Barry Grant fuel pump, newly done C6 automatic, 2500 stall converter, Turbo Action Cheetah shifter, line lock, new drive shaft with new yokes and HD U-joints, 9-inch rear with Detroit Locker 3.5, ME axles, Aluminum center section, 4-Link with Panhard bar, new Wilwood rear disc setup, new Wilwood front disc setup with slotted and cross drilled rotors, remote hydroboost brake system, welded in frame connectors, tubular lower control arms, QA1 aluminum coil overs all around, new tubular K member and rack. Under the car is either painted or powder coated. Remote HD oil cooler, new aluminum cross flow radiator with three fans, additional cooler with fan above rear center section, FMS pump, aluminum housing, billet pulleys. Has a complete Mustang dash. Aluminum fuel cell with sender. Interior has all new carpet, headliner, upholstered bench seat, powder coated roll bar, five-point belts, Auto Meter gauges, removeable steering wheel. The rear doors have been shaved but the doors still open from the inside. Torque Thrust wheels, MT 30×13.5-15 ET Street slicks, Sportsman fronts, and the list goes on…”

eBay Link: 1981 Ford Fairmont station wagon

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8 thoughts on “Money No Object: Mustang Wagon? Confused Fairmont? We Don’t Care! This Fox Mutt Is Awesome!

  1. Ed

    To me, the aero nose doesn’t suit the rest of the car … IMO would look better with 82 GT or 85/86 GT four-eyed nose.

  2. geo815

    So a used car salesman is selling it now. The first time you featured this, it was for sale by owner. Cool ride, but that later-fox nose sure does suck. He should have consulted with Mr. am before bolting that nose onto the car.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yes – put the stock nose back on and paint it gloss black – and don’t forget the carpet for the interior.

    Now I’m going to my garage to figure out how to do the same motor swap on my Fox Body Mustang and more importantly how to pay for it!

    1. Arjen

      Why are those LS swaps so popular ?
      Nodge nodge.
      Know what I mean ?
      Wink wink.

  4. RK

    Even gots bench seat! Cool, and yes it would look better with the old four eye Mustang front, but still cooler than a plain fairmont

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