The Scoop! Here’s All Of The Racers Who Have Qualified To Make Record Runs On Monday Morning

The Scoop! Here’s All Of The Racers Who Have Qualified To Make Record Runs On Monday Morning

Bonneville may be the only place on Earth where people look forward to getting up early on Monday morning. Hundreds will descend on the salt (us included) to see record contenders prepare their cars for sunrise runs on the salt for a place in the vaunted SCTA record book. There were 14 cars that made the cut today on salt that is proving to be a challenge to negotiate. The machines are as varied as you’d expect! Here we take a look at them –


G/ Classic Production: Current record holder – Z. Burns @ 138.806

Qualifier – Rick Deerwester 

Car: 1979 Porsche 924

Engine: 2000cc Porsche 

Qualifying Speed: 141.381

E/Classic Blown Gas Altered: Borrowed Parts  – Current Record Holder  A. McNair 204.516

Qualifier: McFadden and Lloyd

Car: 1953 Studebaker

Engine: 260ci small block Chevy

Qualifying speed:  209.913 mph

XXO/Vintage Gas Altered – Current record holder Keith and Kathy Young 154.103

Qualifier: Mitchell Motorsports 

Driver: Roger Mitchell

Car: 1937 Chevy coupe

Engine: 320ci GMC inline six 

Qualifying speed: 209.913

B/Diesel Truck – Salty Box Racing  – Tim Boyle 190.140

Qualifier: Tim Boyle

Truck: 2008 Dodge 

Engine: 408ci Cummins diesel 

Qualifying speed: 200.442

XO/Blown Gas Roadster – Current record holder: Black Gold Rush –  C. Aldrich 143.264

Qualifier: Eightinarow Racing

Driver: Jerry Cleland

Car: 1932 Ford roadster

Engine: 320ci Buick straight 8

Qualifying speed: 145.809

H/Blown Fuel Rear Modified Roadster – Current record holder  B. Moreland 198.105

Qualifier: MKM Racing

Driver: Mike Borders

Car: 1927 Ford roadster

Engine: 1505cc Suzuki 

Qualifying speed: 197.280

AA/Blown Fuel Competiton Coupe – Current Record Holder – Keith Turk 249.832

Qualifier: Richard Smith

Car: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda 

Engine: 528ci Chrysler Hemi

Qualifying speed: 253.531

XXF/Blown Fuel Competiton Coupe – OPEN RECORD

Qualifier: BMR Ferguson Racing

Driver: Neil McAlister

Car: 1932 Ford coupe 

Engine: 293ci Ford V8

Qualifying speed: 197.273

G/Classic Blown Gas Altered – Current record: Unknown

Qualifier: Mark Ortiz

Car: VW Karman Ghia

Engine: VW flat four 

Qualifying speed: 128.660

XO/Blown Gas Coupe – Current Record Holder: Doug Grieve 151.508

Qualifier: Salt Cat Racing 

Driver: Doug Grieve 

Car: 1984 Jaguar XJ6

Engine: 320ci Buick straight eight 

Qualifying Speed: 154.938

G/Classic Blown Gas Coupe – Current Record Holder: No current SCTA record

Qualifier: Land Jet Racing

Driver: Dan Haugh

Car: 1981 Saab

Engine: 2000cc Saab

Qualifying speed: 130.498

Not Shown:

F/Fuel Rear engine modified roadster – qualifier Cal Rothe – speed 204.50mph

XXF/Blown Gas rear modified roadster – Ron SanGiovanni Sr. speed 223.750

XXF/Blown gas altered – Mark Lightenwaller – speed 136.099


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