Straight Axle Sunbeam: This Car May Kill You But You’d Die Happy

Straight Axle Sunbeam: This Car May Kill You But You’d Die Happy

A stock 1964 Sunbeam Alpine tipped the scales at a light 2200lbs and it had an engine that made about 85hp. The car was nimble and fun, designed to be driven by a sports car enthusiast who understood that driving slow cars fast is perhaps the greatest automotive joy that there is. Then something happened. This car fell into the hands of hot rodders and while it will never be in contention for a Ridler Award, the thing looks like fun and like it would be a total handful of the stab and steer variety.

The ad says that it is an “older race car” so we’re not sure if that means older like 1960s or older like early 1990s and if “race car” means it was actually raced or that it was driven fast on the road in front of the house. Either way the facts speak for themselves. This baby has a straight axle up front, it has a small block that was either recently rebuilt or recently repainted,  it has slot mags on it, HEI, and a set of tractor puller style zoomies as well. It is ugly as all get out but we’re guessing none of that matters when you hammer the throttle and those eight organ pipes start screaming in your face and blasting you with exhaust.

We’d “finish” the car some to make it slightly less Mad Max but other than that, this thing looks like a fun machine par excellence, right?

Check out the photos below and then hit the link for the ad –

tiger1 tiger2 tiger3 tiger4


CL ad link: This straight axle, small block Sunbeam will kill you

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10 thoughts on “Straight Axle Sunbeam: This Car May Kill You But You’d Die Happy

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I would not go within 3000 miles of this hunka shit and can only hope that the dribbling moron who built it dies horribly when it crashes!

  2. oldguy

    Yeah – really rough drag set up …
    but why is no one is mentioning the Alpine Tigers ????
    Came w/260 ci Ford – Maxwell smart drove one !
    Quick cars for the time …mini cobras
    I’ve seen people at car shows/displays walk right past these
    and admire run of the mill cars like MGB’s etc beside them
    god bless the uneducated

    1. Kent S.

      Hey oldguy,
      Back in 1982, I was a senior in high school and my Dad had a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger that he actually let me drive. (Thank you Dad. Rest in peace). It had the 260 ford V8 in it. It was balanced and blueprinted with a pretty nawrly cam in it. Man… that thing was scary. You want to talk a point ans shoot machine, this car was it. I would love to have that car today.
      You are right though… most people are clueless to the car and would walk right past it.

  3. geo815

    The BBC Sunbeam abomination you posted last week was bad enough. Chevy-engine-lovers really need to stop humping their sisters.

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