New Products: STS Ball Bearing Turbos, Journal Bearing Turbos, and Frostbite Intercoolers

New Products: STS Ball Bearing Turbos, Journal Bearing Turbos, and Frostbite Intercoolers

STS has been a part of the Holley family of brands for a while now. Most well known for their rear mount turbocharger kits, STS is branching out by offering their turbochargers in a variety of sizes for builders and hot rodders that want to to boost their cars and trucks. The Frostbite brand is also bringing new intercoolers to the market which are durable and priced in a way as to not melt your bank account to the ground.

Two offerings of turbos are now on the table from STS. There’s a ball bearing turbocharger that are definitely on the cutting edge side of the marketplace and there are more budget friendly journal bearing style turbos which are again, designed and priced for those hot rodders who want boost but have a naturally aspirated checkbook.

Here’s the full story from Holley and both the STS and Frostbite brands!

STS Ball Bearing Turbochargers spool quickly, build boost at low RPM, and increase power throughout your entire power band. A universal design compatible with virtually any application and easily mounted almost anywhere, their oil-cooled ball-bearing design delivers faster response, reduced turbo lag, and lower internal oiling temperatures than journal-bearing models. They feature high-strength aluminum compressor housings and lightweight Inconel turbine wheels with high nickel-alloy housings for superior strength at high RPM.
STS Journal Bearing Turbochargers, the same turbos used in STS Turbo Systems, are now available individually in numerous sizes to accommodate countless applications. An affordable way to build power in either a single- or dual-turbo setup, they can be mounted almost anywhere and serve as the basis for a powerful, reliable, efficient system. STS Journal Bearing Turbochargers feature optimized T3/T4 housing combinations for maximum performance and 100% cartridge balancing for smooth operation.

Frostbite Intercoolers bring efficiency, durability and affordability to any turbocharger system. Available in both 2.5-inch and 3-inch inlet/outlet configurations in your choice of a polished-aluminum or black-painted finish, these universal air-to-air intercoolers come in 18 unique size and finish variations in the most popular sizes and feature all-aluminum construction, welded-on universal mounting bungs, and slip-fit inlets and outlets.

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