Incredible Video: Watch A Guy Survive A Street Racing Wreck And Climb Out Of A Decimated Mustang

Incredible Video: Watch A Guy Survive A Street Racing Wreck And Climb Out Of A Decimated Mustang

This is by far the most improbable, incredible, and utterly stupefying video we have ever showed you here on BangShift. The scene is simple. A dewy night down south where a pair of Mustangs have gathered for a street race at “the normal spot”. We see the cars, we see the traction compound being laid down, and we talk to the starter. The guys are racing for $1,600. There’s a small block Ford in one Fox body and an LS or Chevy small block in the other one. It does not appear either of the cars have roll bars and we can clearly see at one point that the driver of one car is not wearing any safety gear and likely not even a seat belt.

As the cars launch down the street they both get loose but one far worse that the other. That car heads off the road and into a telephone pole at a very, very high rate of speed. It is a nightmarish scene and everyone goes sprinting to the car. The 1320Video camera guys are there and they too make a break for the wreck. They happen upon the scene where, amazingly, the driver is climbing out of the decimated remains of the car through the windshield opening, getting help from a spectator who was at the “race”.

The guy gets out and is then scene laying in the grass catching his breath or whatnot.

We’d go on some sort of a rant about how stupid this whole thing is, how stupid the guy is, how stupid the whole package looks but the reality is that the video does a far better job of that than we ever could.

This is insane. We’re glad the guy is not dead, but holy smoke. We’re speechless.

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29 thoughts on “Incredible Video: Watch A Guy Survive A Street Racing Wreck And Climb Out Of A Decimated Mustang

  1. David

    That looks like “The Pad” in New Orleans…pretty safe spot to race…but that car was not.

    Where’s the Roll Cage dude!!!!!

  2. Race at the Track

    Mustangs are cheaply built crap cans from the factory. A Mustang hit my wife\’s BMW and it looked very similar to the purple Mustang after the wreck. The driver was hospitalized but my wife was fine. You need added bracing to race, especially a Mustang!

  3. bob

    I can’t make up my mind as to who is the biggest dumbass.

    The one with the flashlight. the two standing at the edge of the road, the driver or the people in crowd gasping as if this comes as a complete surprise.

  4. Joe Jolly

    If the NHRA (BL) was started to take racing off the street, why does BangShift or any other legitimate News source promote this kind of bull shit? That dude is 100 different kinds of lucky he wasn’t as fucked up as the car. Supporting no rules hopefully a car wrecks but doesn’t kill a bystander racing just for youtube viewership is crap..

    1. Johnny Prestone

      The NHRA and local tracks don’t exist close enough to many people. Not enough even to have an influence on keeping most people off the streets. On top of that, many people are put off by the amount of safety equipment the NHRA requires just to race what most people have as a street vehicle. At the end of the day, track confines do not appeal to many people. Therefore, you have what we have here. So, if people are going to continue street racing, auto news outlets like 1320 and BS will continue to show off videos of what can and does happen. Goes with the territory, bud.

  5. Dave

    So many irresponsible people involved and I don’t think any of them care. 1320 video is making a living off of this shit. Stop giving all these #ssholes a stage.

  6. Larry

    I agree with Dave. This goes for our media in general. Quit spreading all this bullshit around and it would be a lot less likely to happen

    1. Johnny Prestone

      Not at all, man. You really think people do this just to be shown on internet videos? Get your head out of the clouds. This has been happening for years and years before internet videos gave them a stage.

  7. Todd

    Anyone notice how the Nitrous bottle is mounted, or should I just say, sitting in the car? Dumbass was lucky to not be killed by the flying nitrous bottle, also notice the fog coming from the car at the crash, that was the nitrous bottle emptying itself after the hose probably broke.

    You could take the brains of all of those involved and balance them on the end of a needle……

  8. bangshift daily

    i agree with johnny prestone,

    these guys don’t give a shit whether cameras are there or not, they’d be doing the same dumb race. there is probably people that race out there hundreds of times each year and nothing happens. the best thing about it being on camera is other people can at least see that it is very dangerous and people can die. hopefully scare some sense into guys. if not eh… what the hell. less dumb people in society.

    fast cars don’t kill people. people in fast cars kill people.

  9. Patrick

    What a bunch of idiots, and poorly prepared cars as well. Don’t get running for an 1/8 mile anyway, you can road race for hours as opposed to 5 secs at a time but that is a different discussion. this video is a true moron fest. Way to go to Bangshift for legitimizing it.

  10. jerry z

    Glad to see a video on that shows a car and driver with no safety prep and the end result. This driver should be buying lots of lottery tickets because the minor injuries he suffered don’t add up to the damage his car suffered.

  11. Davey

    Just because street racing “has been happening for years” doesn’t make it right. It’s stupid and dangerous and it has always been stupid and dangerous.

    In today’s social media society and the current trend of making Street Outlaws into heroes – more and more people are street racing because sites like 1320 Videos and even Bangshift are glorifying it and making stupid people famous.

    The fact these “racers” are going fast without safety equipment or even a properly prepared car simply adds to the overall stupidity. The mindset is – why would I spend $1000 on a cage, belts and a helmet – when I can add a 400 shot of nitrous instead. These idiots weren’t even wearing a helmet and probably not even a lap belt. Someone actually came out and said in a comment that this location is used often and it’s safe – really ?? It has curbs and poles running the entire length. They allow 30 or 40 people to stand beside the car… That’s safe ?? Seriously ??? I’ll bet you’re the same folks who will call a race track with guardrails dangerous and will refuse to run on it – but 6″ curbs and poles are ok ??

    So again – please stop promoting this crap. Even this video which “should” serve as a warning promotes the practice of street racing

  12. Bow Tie Express

    I hope law enforcement gave that driver a “trophy” reckless driving summons.
    Another example of a driver that does not deserve the privilege to drive and share the roads with the rest of the motoring public.

  13. Jay Bree

    This isn’t the result of the internet, 1320 or George Bush. It’s street racing. Always was, always will be. Glad the driver is ok.

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