The Definition Of No Prep – No Tree, No Sweeping, No Worries -THIS Is How You Reopen A Strip

The Definition Of No Prep – No Tree, No Sweeping, No Worries -THIS Is How You Reopen A Strip

Winston County Drag Strip in Alabama is the latest in a string of tracks that have either been revamped, refreshed, or reopened across the country. The little eighth mile track is certainly not overloaded with frills but it provides a great place for people to race their stuff that is not a public street and that means that we’re all for it. In this video we essentially see the strip christened with an adventurous pass made by the “World’s Fastest Rat Rod” S10. This was apparently the first car down the track in something like four years and when we say that this is no prep, we mean it.

You will see the truck launch off and then a big cloud of dust follow it down the track. There’s stuff blowing everywhere, there’s not a clock turned on, not a Christmas Tree setup, and not an ounce of track prep done. We think that this is one of the more off the wall and awesome drag strip “christenings” we have ever seen. We give the driver of the S10 all the credit for whomping the throttle and working that blown hemi down the track without wadding it up.

Like we said at the beginning. This is not the biggest track in the country but it is a track and that is super important to us. All the doom and gloom jerks out there can declare drag racing as dead as a doornail every day of their lives and the sport continues to grow. More tracks have opened than closed over the last five years and the math supports it.

Winston County Drag Strip! Welcome back to the world of the living, we’re glad to have you!

Press play below to see this bad ass blown track run the definition of a no prep lap

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7 thoughts on “The Definition Of No Prep – No Tree, No Sweeping, No Worries -THIS Is How You Reopen A Strip

  1. 57Phil

    Have raced here many times with our 7 time IHRA World Champion Camaro. We use to consider it like “printing a check for $1,000 on Saturday night”. As Redneck as it gets, and like racing on a gravel road for sure, but definately the esscence of old style tracks in the South. The WidCat Dragstrip in AR is “Upscale” compared to this place! Track was doomed when owner died of cancer and I-22 Dragway opened up right down the road and attracts the real racers for big bucks bracket racing (like Shawn Langdon when not TF NHRA racing). Interestingly in this video, note the state road right behind the S-10. On many a Saturday night passersby, if the wind blowing from east, would negotiate billows of burnout smoke as they drove past the strip, just feet from the road. We left there one night w/ our ’57 on and open trailer and when we got home there was a .45 caliber slug inside the right side top just above the passenger door window after it entered the left side just above the drivers door, ripped through the headliner, stretched the middle of the top outward about 12″, turned down and stopped as it pushed the right side metal out about an 1″. Guess somebody was not happy with our winning ways, Ah, just the price of freedom as we say in the south.

  2. Andy

    Who does the track cleaning after an oil down or what happens if there’s a serious accident, is there a fire crew or medical staff on standby?
    All good and nice idea but sanctioned tracks or not just there making a fat pike of cash they also create safer cars and safer environments to drive in.

    1. Winston county drag strip

      We do have Emt’s on standby and have a crew that cleans up the track when need be. To find out more about us look us up on Facebook at winstonco Webster tucker

  3. 57Phil

    What track clean-up? You were expected to drive in those days!. Just the way it ways in the old days. They did have a Meatwagon as I recall, but not sure if it was equipped w/ the EMT’s option or not. Heck, most sothern strips didn’t even have an ambulence present in those days. Place has been closed for years, but obviously these ole boys “know a guy who knows a guy”. Got access just to make a video seeking their 45 seconds of fame.

    1. Winston county drag strip

      This is the guy that is opening up the Winston county drag strip we want to invite everyone to come out June 25 we will be holding our first ever no-prep cash days big tire small tire event. U can look us up on Facebook. @ Winstonco Webster tucker

    2. Winston county drag strip

      Earnest Jones is the man in the worlds fastest rat rod.. You need to do some research on him and our track before you think we are just trying to get fame… He hold the record here… Thanks and God bless

    3. Devin Smith

      No we didn’t get access to make a video for our “fame”. We got access to the track to test on a no prep surface for future racing. Would have tested regardless of whether or not I was recording.

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