Here Comes The Boom: There’s A 1,000hp Corvette Coming Along With Other Hardcore Performance Variants

Here Comes The Boom: There’s A 1,000hp Corvette Coming Along With Other Hardcore Performance Variants

(By Tom Lohnes) –  The Chevrolet Corvette has long been the staple for cheap performance, but with the new high-power variants of the C8 generation the price rises a lot. Well, so does the performance.

Chevrolet Corvette ZO6. The old one employed the LT4 supercharged V8 to make 650 horsepower and around that same figure in torque. Well, the new one makes 625 horsepower.  What is impressive about this stat is that all of that power is coming from a naturally-aspirated mill that spins up to 9,000 RPM. On paper, this car which is rumored to start around $80,000, outperforms the Mclaren 570S and GT, Ferrari 488 GTB, and Lamborghini Huracan Evo. Now what happens when we turn it up some more?

Well, you get the E-Ray. Slotted between the Stingray and the ZO6, the E-Ray will be the grand tourer of the lineup, using the same LT2 V8 as the Stingray, but shoving 2 electric motors up front for 750 horsepower and 695 lb.-ft of torque. This will be the first electrified corvette, as well as the first AWD one, and prices will start at $78,000.

Cranking it up a lot, the ZR1 arrives. Another Corvette first, the ZR1 will not be the top dog in the ‘Vette lineup. Using the insane flat-plane crank V8 from the ZO6, the ZR1 straps on two turbochargers to produce a rumored 825 horsepower. Once again, on paper, this car would walk over the Mclaren 720S and 765LT, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and Ferrari F8 Tributo, while simultaneously starting at $120,000.

Now, we are at the top. The Chevrolet Corvette Zora will employ the ZR1’s Boosted V8 and the E-Ray’s electric motors for a combined output of, get ready for it, 1,035 horsepower at all 4 wheels. Rumored to run its future owners $250,000, this 2025 model-year vehicle will literally gap almost anything street-legal.

So, there you go. There is a C8 for everyone, and to be honest, I think Ferrari and Lamborghini owners will be switching to Corvette once they see how bonkers of a car the Zora is. And, all of these will be priced literally hundreds of thousands of dollars below competitors, so expect a lot of sales.

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6 thoughts on “Here Comes The Boom: There’s A 1,000hp Corvette Coming Along With Other Hardcore Performance Variants

  1. Labweiler

    Nice bit of kit, but people of means will never look at the Corvette as a value proposition no matter the performance. They will still buy their Ferraris, Bugattis and Lamborghinis because they can. 😉

    1. green junk

      Correct, Tom is a Young lad and has not experienced the difference between a corvette and an italian exotic. Besides the lack of cupholders they are better in nearly every way. They also hold their value, something no american car is capable of.

  2. john

    WARNING…All trees close to major highways…be ready for loss of bark and branches!!! Knuckle heads driving overpowered Corvettes are coming!

  3. Patrick

    One more supercar clogging up PCH because the owner is too dumb to connect the phone to the car, resulting in texting.

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