This 1947 Renault 440 Hot Rod Is A Right Hand Drive Street Freak With Chrysler Power

This 1947 Renault 440 Hot Rod Is A Right Hand Drive Street Freak With Chrysler Power

Of all the crazy body styles we have seen hot rods built out of over the years, this 1947 Renault is in a class by itself. No, it is not a Fiat Topolino, it is a French Renault with 440ci of Chrysler power, lots of custom fabrication work, and right hand drive. We’re not sure why the builder stuck with the right hand drive layout but it does add another interesting layer to the whole package, doesn’t it? The “bomber” style seats look like something removed from a French torture chamber and would likely run out of comfort shortly upon the start of your trans-continental cruise, but they look neat. Putting some late model seats in there wouldn’t look great so we’re not sure what the right answer is in the comfort department other than MAN UP.

The front axle sticking out in the breeze gives the car the look of an old competition coupe from the drag strip and the Rocket Wheels are definitely the right call in our eyes. We think the car needs more rear meat and more rake. We would not go full on pro street steamrollers back there but some more rubber would make the whole thing look more substantial and mean. We might also go for a single color paint job rather than the more graphically inspired look the car has now. We bet it hauls ass with a 440 Chrysler under the hood and we’re guessing that those rear tires could be victimized at a moment’s notice with a flick of the driver’s toe.

The main downside? That would be explaining to every car show know it all that this was not a 1948 Fiat Topolino because you absolutely know that most people would automatically default to that. We did when we first saw it but we know better now. What do you think? Cool freak or too weird? Right hand drive OK with you?


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eBay Link: This 1947 Renault 440 hot rod is cool, bizarre, and right hand drive

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4 thoughts on “This 1947 Renault 440 Hot Rod Is A Right Hand Drive Street Freak With Chrysler Power

  1. ColoradoKid

    Exceedingly cool . The best part being no one would know what in the ___ it is ! But they’d know it was cool !

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What’s the greatest thing about this little gem?

    Not a Chevy motor in sight!

    I’d keep the wheels and tyres and just spray the whole thing in primer – oohh la la indeed!

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