This 1971 Mach One Has Been “Customized”, Probably Needs A Floor And It Could Be Yours!

This 1971 Mach One Has Been “Customized”, Probably Needs A Floor And It Could Be Yours!

Well this is different. BangShifter Jerry Zotta sent this link along to us which is advertising a customized 1971 Mustang Mach One. The thing has a flip nose, all sorts of stuff grafted to the body, fender flares, and perhaps most astonishing of all, a roof chop. We were trying to figure out if the roof had actually been chopped of if the body modifications were creating some kind of an illusion on that front but it sure seems like the roof has been cut down the more we look at it. Stripping away all of the awful stuff and looking at the side profile shot of the car, it sure looks like it could be cool if the nose were put back right, the stance were fixed, the right wheels were added, and anything to do with the current example of the car were eliminated. The thing actually has kind of an Italian exotic flare when you look just at the roofline alone. It has the flair of a Barnum and Bailey circus car when you look at the whole package.

The seller claims that the engine is a real M-code 351 which is cool. By 1971 the compression had been bumped down a little but the Cleveland was still making some pretty good power and with the right modifications they can be made to really run like hell. We’re not sure you could ever get this car running fast enough to out pace its looks but that could be one goal of ownership. Since we have already gone over all of the upsides the car has, how about a couple of pitfalls. The first is that the car needs a floor.

The seller did not go into detail about how much of the floor is junk but he clearly states that it will need a new “floor pan” and we’re thinking that he means the entire thing. It is also going to need some fiberglass work done to the front fender on the passenger side as it appears to be missing a pretty sizable chunk from its leading corner.

So there you have it. Want to drop the $3200 asking price on it? Oh…the interior. Yeah, you’ll just need to see that for yourself.


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8 thoughts on “This 1971 Mach One Has Been “Customized”, Probably Needs A Floor And It Could Be Yours!

  1. Seth

    Yea, I’ve got to say that if this were more “stock” everywhere else, and just had the roof chopped, it would look great. Kind of has a supercar exotic roofline for sure.

  2. Lee

    Why do they always seem to choose velour (mostly red) for the interiors of these types of cars.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Listen, Matey – I want my flaming car back NOW!

    If I don’t get it within 48 hours I’ll send the Great Humongous around and yer arse will be like a railroad tunnel with a burning train stuck inside it when he’s finished with you.

    Mad Max
    Somewhere near nowhere

  4. malachithagreat

    Lol iv jst bought this car didn’t know that it was so controversial! Don’t worry new floor pans and some paint and she will be lush

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