This 1972 Motion Moray GT Is A One Of One Super Car With An Astronomical Asking Price And Interesting Story

This 1972 Motion Moray GT Is A One Of One Super Car With An Astronomical Asking Price And Interesting Story

$600,000. That is the “Buy It Now” price for this one of one 1972 Motion Moray GT, a specially modified Corvette that was built at the famed Motion Performance shop in New York that set the stage for places like Lingenfelter, Callaway, and other famous tuning houses that would follow. This is a car that Motion owner and operator Joel Rosen didn’t think he would ever see again and for years when he would get phone calls from people telling him that they found it, his questions would prove that they had not.

What was weird about this car was the fact that it used the nose of a Motion Mako Shark package car and the tail off of a Manta Ray package. The combo was only actually used on this one piece. The engine in the car is a 454 Chevy that got the full treatment and it is the correct engine for the car, not a hot rodded replacement piece. The interior is a button tuck paradise that is apparently completely original. Everything that you see here is as it should be. From the wheels to the tires to the paint color, this car looks the day it did when Joel Rosen finished it back in ’72. There were a few 1973 Manta Ray Corvettes built before the government lowered the boom on Rosen and Motion Performance in 1974 but this car stands as a singular example and that is what makes it exceptionally valuable, even among cars that are already worth a ton.

The car was nearly lost to history. As the story goes, it was bought off of a used car lot in very rough condition before being cosmetically restored and mechanically refreshed. The engine only had 60,000 miles on it then so it wasn’t too badly thrashed nor was the rest of the car. There’s no way to know how it ended up on the used car lot but it did. The current seller bought it from the used car lot buyer guy and the more he looked at the car, the more he was figuring out what it was. Unfortunately for him the seller was also starting to get an inkling he had something more special than he thought and while the deal was done, the price was more than when the whole situation began.

Rosen verified this car once the current seller got possession of it and you are looking at the one and only 1972 Motion Moray GT ever built. The car is pretty awesome and we like the nose and tail treatments that were added to it. The interior looks straight out of a 1970s porn shoot, and the paint scheme looks great with the high impact yellow contrasted by that killer Motion tail and side stripe.

This is one of the more expensive Corvette asking prices ever. Is it worth it?


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6 thoughts on “This 1972 Motion Moray GT Is A One Of One Super Car With An Astronomical Asking Price And Interesting Story

  1. Nick D.

    The interior is dreadful and those wheels wouldn’t be my first pick, but the rest of this thing is awesome. Is anybody reproducing the Motion front and rear clips? If not, they should, it’d be a great way to breath some life into C3s.

  2. Lee

    The Phase III GT Corvettes usually sell in the $250,000 to $300,000 range. So IMO, $600,000 is way too high for this car because it . . .just isn’t stylish as the GTs. I would say $325,000 to $375,000 just because it’s the only one.

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