This Pro Street 1957 Chevy Black Widow Has The Right Motor But Not The One You Expect!

This Pro Street 1957 Chevy Black Widow Has The Right Motor But Not The One You Expect!

The 1957 Chevy Black Widow was a sly move by Chevrolet to subvert the manufacturer ban on racing. They produced a limited run of cars that were designed to be raced in NASCAR by drivers of their choosing so that they did not lose ground to the rest of the other manufacturers who (other than Ford) were running their own cheater programs all while maintaining the sanctity of the racing ban. The fuel injected small block powered cars were very fast and really brought the high hard when when lined up with the other competition of the day. The fact that someone built a pro street style tribute to these cars is pretty freaking awesome but the fact that they actually stuck a Rochester fuel injected small block in it is over the top awesome. Sure it doesn’t make much power but everyone and their mother is expecting to see a big block, so why not mess with them a little, right?

This car is built to an amazing standard and the photos you see of it appear to have been taking at the body shop as there is a paint booth in the background and what looks to be some sort of finishing/detail room where the car is sitting. The photos that show the underside of the car depict a scene that is cleaner than some hospitals we have visited.

Not just the engine is “right”. The interior, while containing a full cage has what looks to be the right dash, seats, and upholstery type for the period. We realize that this thing is not everyone’s cup of tea but we’d cruise it all day long. It is a really nice car and while it certainly would not be a drag racing champion with the small block, it would be fun to drive and the thing would stop traffic at every turn. The while wheels and the dedication to the fun details on this one make it a standout for us.

Hey, I’m out on Drag Week how could I not be thinking about pro street cars, right?!


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eBay Link: Pro Street 1957 Chevy Black Widow

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10 thoughts on “This Pro Street 1957 Chevy Black Widow Has The Right Motor But Not The One You Expect!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Is this some form of aversion therapy to cure my hatred of all things Chevy?

    Because this beauty is unbelievably great in every aspect – steel wheels, understated paintwork and so clean you could eat your dinner off it.

    Mind with those rear tyres and that miniscule engine you’d literally have to drive it off a cliff to get decent quarter mile times – so maybe I’m not cured after all….

  2. Dave the Bartender

    It’s my cup of Tea ! I probably wouldn’t need tires that wide, but I really like the whole concept !

  3. C1BAD66

    ‘Beautiful build!

    I acknowledge it’s a pro-streeted clone.

    Maybe I’m a little nit-picky, but I think the builder shoulda used 6-lug wheels as original Black Widows sported. They were truck parts.

  4. Geoff Nilson

    What an awesome opportunity to do a sneaky turbo thing somewhere underneath and still make it look stock. There must be some way to build up that injector system to handle 10 lbs of boost!

  5. Michael Cioli

    I agree the pro street thing is a little dated, smaller tire w/that small block and I’d ROCK it ALL DAY !!!!!

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