Watch Larry “Spiderman” McBride Suffer A Horrifying Top Fuel Motorcycle Explosion In The Lights

Watch Larry “Spiderman” McBride Suffer A Horrifying Top Fuel Motorcycle Explosion In The Lights

On their best day, top fuel motorcycles are machines that seem to possess an evil nature and spirit that is tough to put into words. For guys like the legendary Larry “Spiderman” McBride that nature is viewed differently than it is by wimps like us. McBride and hip ilk see it as a challenge to ride and tame the machines that are on the ragged edge of control when all systems are functioning properly. But how about when things go bad. What happens then? Last weekend at Atco Dragway during an IDBL (International Drag Bike League) they did. McBride suffered a terrifying top end explosion and ensuing fire that left him in the hospital for a short stay to be treated for burns that he sustained in the incident. So what happened?

McBride was participating in a match race as part of the IDBL race with Dave Vantine. Both of these are long time, very experienced, and very well versed riders. Conditions and expectations pointed to the fact that fans may have been in store for some history as there has only been one side by side five second pass made in this style of racing and the machines of McBride and Valentine are capable of running those numbers. Instead they got one of the most bizarre top fuel motorcycle runs anyone can remember and a memory that is likely seared into the minds of many people on the property.

As the video from’s YouTube page will show you, this was a pedalfest, motorcycle style. if you think that is an impossibility, you are wrong. Almost immediately from the twist of the throttle, the bikes both began spinning their big rear slick tires. With traction being completely absent both McBride and Vantine roll on and off their respective throttles to get their bikes down the track and like all nitro engines, the motorcycle plants hate being pedaled.

After repeatedly working his throttle, McBride’s bike finally gives up the ghost in the lights with a tremendous fireball that can be seen through the fog banks of tire smoke that each of the machines created. Past the explosion, the bike was still on fire and traveling at a high rate of speed before McBride could get it stopped. He suffered some burns and was admitted to the hospital for treatment and reports were circulating that he was to be released yesterday.

If you don’t think it takes guts to ride one of these things, think again.

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