Watch A Blown Hemi Powered Impala Grudge Car Rip Through A Wheat Field While Racing Kye Kelly

Watch A Blown Hemi Powered Impala Grudge Car Rip Through A Wheat Field While Racing Kye Kelly

There’s guts and then there’s GUTS and Urban Hillbilly’s Sean Melton has both. Last week we showed you his count down of the top 10 insane wrecks he had ever filmed and a couple of them saw cars coming dangerously close to his perch at the end of the track. Well, he had another of those situations last weekend and this one was feet away from a complete disaster. The guys at Eat Sleep Street were holding their cash days event on an old airport runway and Melton was set up at the top end of the eighth mile track, literally in a wheat field.

During a match up between Kye Kelley’s Shocker and a band new blown hemi powered Impala called GUDFAR campaigned by James Haug, Haug lost the handle on the car after blowing the tires off at the hit and instead of tracking straight the car hooked hard right and launched into the wheat field next to the track! The thing started mowing down wheat at a pretty amazing rate which is kind of awesome to watch but the scary thing is that the guy was on a beeline for Melton and his scaffolding until he steered right and made a bit of an arcing pass around him! Sean has had some close ones over the years but this one takes the cake.

Another point along the guts front. This is a brand new car and it was Haug’s third time ever stepping on the gas! Kelley went right down the track (like he always does) and easily got the win here. After the fact, Haug seemed to be on a bit of an adrenaline high when Melton approached him with the camera. We give Huag credit for throwing down with Kelley in such a new piece.

We’re glad this one ended with a good video and not a total nightmare.

Press play below to see a blown hemi powered Impala head through the wheat!

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10 thoughts on “Watch A Blown Hemi Powered Impala Grudge Car Rip Through A Wheat Field While Racing Kye Kelly

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    It’s almost like that Impala realised it wasn’t powered by a Chevy motor and decided to kill itself. Then factor in a strange reaction between the wheat and whatever fuels that Hemi – then you get 100% good ‘ol fashioned ‘shine coming out of those headers with half the spectators greedily sucking on them….

  2. JimmyM

    Words Fastest Street Driven Harvester….

    Sleeping at the line, goes up in smoke attempting to save face, then goes off the track and becomes a field car. Maybe he can turn his trailer into a baler and drag it behind him.

    Meanwhile Kelley kicks his arse.

  3. Joe Penwald

    When someone or someones get killed with this no traction, no sense, no guardrail stupidity, IT’S NOT LIKE YOU WERE NOT WARNED. Yeah, flame back at me, I race on real tracks with real safety procedures. Wow, you had a firetruck there. How does that firetruck stop you from killing the two equally stupid videographers in the field.

    1. Fiatdude

      Ahhhh, the guy on the ladder was safe enuff — — He’d would of been left there floating in the air after the car took the ladder out LMAO

    2. Scott Clark

      How would the firetruck keep two normal track photographers from being killed in the same placeat an NHRA race? they wouldn’t. Guardrail isn’t needed because there are 1200 acres of wheat field near by – nothing to hit – this track is safer than any NHRA facility at this point…

      if you don’t like it, fine. But don’t be a whiney crybaby about no preps, which happen to be the quickest growing segment in the sport. Why not cry about heavy pro mods or that your bracket race has to wait on actual heads up racers while you’re at it?

  4. joe

    seems like he wasn’t that far from the camera guys (lucky for them), could have gotten ugly there

  5. Lynn Minthorne

    What would you rather do plow the wheat field or hit a retaining wall.. LEGAL street racing…

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