Watch A Mustang Pull A Power Wheelie At The Eighth Mile On Ice During The Merrill ICE Drags!

Watch A Mustang Pull A Power Wheelie At The Eighth Mile On Ice During The Merrill ICE Drags!

We have brought you a bunch of cool coverage from the Merrill Ice Drags over the years but nothing has ever come close to comparing to the video below which shows the ridiculously fast Nitemare II Mustang taking on a blown alcohol rear engine dragster. All is well until about 500 feet into the race. It is at that point that the Nitemare II Mustang decides to go all Jack Beckman and launch into a freaking power wheelie on the ice! The car goes through the traps in near vertical fashion and according to the description on the video the thing turned a speed of 131 mph!

By the sounds of the description this is the quickest and fastest pair in the half century history of the Merrill Ice Drags and that is saying something. The other thing that’s saying something is the amount of power and traction it takes to get a Mustang to do what the Nitemare does in this video. While we have never seen the engine in the car this video sure proves that the thing has some suds. We don’t see a nitrous purge but but with the car running a clear scoop that lots of nitrous guys do, we’re not ruling it out. Does anyone know the engine combo in this Ford?

Greg Rourke tipped me off to the video and while it makes me cold just to watch it, I stopped it and backed it up about a dozen times. This thing is freaking VERTICAL and it looks like it should be on a prepared drag strip rather than a frozen lake! Power wheelies on a small radial are cool. Power wheelies on a big slick are cool. Power wheelies on a stud equipped short sidewall tire while screaming across a frozen lake at 100+ mph? That’s ICE COLD!

Press play below to see the Nitemare II power wheelie at the eighth mile on ice!

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11 thoughts on “Watch A Mustang Pull A Power Wheelie At The Eighth Mile On Ice During The Merrill ICE Drags!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Do they run on studded slicks? That could explain the wheelie at the end of the race rather than on lift off, Perhaps changing gear leads to a wheelie when the power surges and the tyres bite that much harder,

    I’d like to see Ice Road Trucker Lisa take part as she has the cool courage to make a success at this and its a whole lot safer as well!

  2. Cody

    I race with this organization and that car is a very nice piece. I don’t know many details about it except that it’s a big block ford with TFS A460 heads a TFS tunnel ram intake with a pair of dominator carbs and a fogger, I believe it’s a full tube chassis car with a plexiglass wing on the back also, IIRC.

    1. Tim clark

      I thought there was a Chevy big block in there. Now I’m more impressed and surprised knowing it’s a Ford motor

  3. Matt

    I know what the engine combo is because I’m the guy who built the engine. Im not letting my secrets out.
    No we don’t use slicks. We use street tires with lots of screw. I would like to see Lisa come to the races too!

      1. W/B

        The ice is the problem cause I and the boys built the chassis under that mustang. It don’t like to be drop from 5 feet up.

  4. Perry

    Come out to the Merrill Ice Drags for the 2016 Championship Race 2-20-2016 and see if the RPM Race Team can break the World Record as we step up the tune in Nitemare II Mustang and go for it all !!

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