Watch Larry Larson Eat Up “The Cutty” From Street Outlaws At US 36 Dragway In His Nova

Watch Larry Larson Eat Up “The Cutty” From Street Outlaws At US 36 Dragway In His Nova
A little drag strip, a hazy early fall night, a crowd at the fence, and two snarling, killer drag cars ready to thunder off into the night. What could possibly be better than that?! The fans at US36 Drag Strip in Osborn, Missouri got one hell of a show when Larry Larson and his iconic 1966 Chevy II Nova took on John Andrade Jr in “The Cutty” at the track. With the final run coming well into the wee hours of the morning, Larson and Andrade locked horns on the eighth mile track with Larson’s machine coming out on top.
Look, I may be in the minority here in that I really enjoy and respect the S10 truck that Larry built and has set all kinds of insane records with, won NHRA national events with, and rewritten the book on what a “street car” can do, but it is that iconic Nova that spins my crank harder than anything else the guy will ever pilot. The Lenco, the flame spewing exhaust, the full interior, the lifetime of work, blood, sweat, and tears the guy has put into that thing, it is all there in a package that virtually every hot rodder in American can respect. To see this car being used and beating up on a very stout car in the form of Andrade’s Cutty is spectacular.

I say it too often but the spirit of the sport of drag racing lives at places like US36 Drag Strip, and it lives in the cars that you’ll see in this video. Larry has raced his backside off this year with his wife Sherri and his pal Jeff Stacy at his side most of the time. A small but dedicated band for sure. This looks like one hell of a fun night at the strip. Watch –


Winner winner Chicken Dinner. Beat Andrade in the Cutty for the money.5.08FuelTechFuelTech USAUS 36 RacewayAnnual Mustang F-Body MeetThe Cutty

Posted by Larson Race Cars on Saturday, September 26, 2015

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6 thoughts on “Watch Larry Larson Eat Up “The Cutty” From Street Outlaws At US 36 Dragway In His Nova

  1. 75Duster

    I managed to see Larry run his Nova as the last pass at Drag Week 2015, ran a 7.90 and it is truly a bad ass car with a down to earth crew.
    Larry and his crew are true representatives to the sport.

  2. geo815

    That car is the functional version of that wild Nova Rick Dobertin built in the 80’s. Not to take away from Dobertin’s vision – that thing was bad-ass in it’s own right – .but Larson’s car is the rubber-meets-the-road version of that 80’s monster.

  3. Royce

    And the story gets better!
    Both of these cars and many others that competed in this race completed a 50 mile street legal prerace cruise the day of the event. U.S.36 is one of the best!

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