Watch NHRA Pro Stock Racer V. Gaines Suffer A Massive Barrel Rolling Top End Wreck At zMax Dragway

Watch NHRA Pro Stock Racer V. Gaines Suffer A Massive Barrel Rolling Top End Wreck At zMax Dragway

NHRA Pro Stock racer V. Gaines suffered a massive top end crash yesterday at the NHRA Pep Boys Nationals when his car got loose on the top end of the track and turned over multiple times before landing on the wheels. We’re happy to report that Gaines is OK and walked away from the scary looking wreck. The funny thing is that his car was the most controlled of the two that were heading down course as Allen Johnson’s Dart got loose and wiped out a timing block in the middle of the track early in his run before Gaines showed any signs of trouble.

As you know, pro stock cars make virtually no downforce and because of that fact can become a real nightmare on the top end of the track when things are not going perfectly. This was the case with Gaines as he tried valiantly to drive his car but with nothing to keep the rear tires stuck to the track, he was fighting a losing battle. As we have sean countless times in pro stock crashes, once the air gets to work under the car, the driver becomes a mere passenger for what’s to come. In the case of this crash it was multiple bone jarring rolls into the shutdown area at zMax Dragway in Concord, North Carolina.

Due to the amazingly high quality oft he construction of these cars, the integrity of the cage and all of the other safety equipment was never compromised during the wreck. Gaines climbed out under his own power and will be fine. After this crash and more weather, the NHRA decided to cease racing at zMax and will complete the lingering rounds at subsequent races. Next weekend the tour rolls to Texas and the turn is very tight for the teams. Holding for another day may create larger issues for teams so NHRA will continue with their schedule as planned. Gaines won the round and will be able to use a new car in Dallas to compete.


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8 thoughts on “Watch NHRA Pro Stock Racer V. Gaines Suffer A Massive Barrel Rolling Top End Wreck At zMax Dragway

  1. cyclone03

    First happy Gains is not hurt.

    Next que Warren Johnson track prep quate.

    NHRA plan to show why all races should be 1000′ ? ……”It’s for the Children…”

  2. cyclone03

    Pheonix had (has) a track bump at about 800′ that flipped Jim Basko back in the late ’80’s that can still be a problem for the “lower” HP Pro Stock cars. A drain pipe about 4′ under the track somehow makes a bump.

  3. NoName McGee

    What a crazy crash, I cant believe it happened again there. This isnt the only track where the PS cars get light at the top end.

    Maybe its time for the NHRA to mandate a real spoiler on the back to create some downforce. The cars dont look much like the ‘real thing’ anyways, and besides its just a spoiler.

    Also, now that the race is being moved to Texas, does that mean that V will be allowed to compete in the second round. He technically won that round of racing against AJ, but now he needs to use a different car.

    Speaking of AJ, what the crap was he doing after V crashed, he was coasting super slow and then ended up in the way of the Safety Safari, he should have pulled to the side and stopped as soon as he could. That was a bone head move. AJ knows better then that.

  4. Buddy Tullis

    Thank God for the high quality of construction of these cars and the NHRA safety required. Maybe now instead of building wider tracks, NHRA will mandate flatter tracks (greater than the 1%) to equal the quality of construction of the cars. This track looked horrible!

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