Watch One Of The Most Valiant Drag Race Driving Efforts We Have Ever Seen – Sideways, Stuck Throttle(?), Almost Saves It Completely

Watch One Of The Most Valiant Drag Race Driving Efforts We Have Ever Seen – Sideways, Stuck Throttle(?), Almost Saves It Completely

To be fair, we consider this a save. Yeah, the guy scraped the wall but when you watch this video and see how bad it could have been, that wall scrape is a drop in the bucket, literally. We’re sure the car owner was pissed at the time, but on multiple occasions during this run, the driver was looking complete destruction and potentially serious injury in the face. The car in question is (obviously) the Corvette seen above, completely sideways about 200 feet down the drag strip. The guy in the Camaro is essentially running for his life to get away from the wayward C2 ‘Vette.

This is one of those runs that does not go according to the plan right from the hit of the throttle for the Corvette guy. He tries to get the thing settled down which only results in the situation you see here with the car trying to go east-west on a north-south drag strip. Believe it or not, he prevents a head on collision with the wall and gets the car heading in the right general direction when the throttle either hangs open on him or the driver mashes it instead of the brakes. We’re not sure what the deal is there, but by the sounds of it, the thing went right to the carpet because the revs come up, the car shoots across the track again and at that point the guy just runs out of room to prevent contact.

The driver’s side of the car scrapes the wall  but again, in the scope of what could have happened it is small potatoes. We know that “he should have lifted” will be the refrain from this one, but wow. The guy worked his backside off behind the wheel to save himself and his car. The car is admittedly awesome From the stance to the sound, we would have loved to have seen it on a clean rip down the track!


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11 thoughts on “Watch One Of The Most Valiant Drag Race Driving Efforts We Have Ever Seen – Sideways, Stuck Throttle(?), Almost Saves It Completely

  1. Matt Cramer

    The “he should have lifted” line could have been dangerous here – lifting at the wrong time can mean a spinout. You guys might want to find a video of someone making that mistake.

  2. Tommy Lee Byrd

    I’m gonna go ahead and call that a save, because he saved that car from total destruction. I love seeing old school outlaw action, back when the cars were set up much differently. People experimented a lot more, and had some wild combinations.

  3. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    Watching the front wheels,the lack of correction when he was heading straight for the wall and not rolling when he did hit the wall, I would say that there were several things wrong all at once.

  4. Cyclone03

    Good eye on the lack of steering correction. Did the steering wheel come off? Driver then locked it down with the brakes.

  5. jbell

    Looks like throttle hung panicked and stabbed the brakes while trying to shut it off. Parking lights came on right as it crossed center line i assume from inadvertantly hitting the switch,brake lights were on as it took the first hardright, jus prior to the thing headed for the left the first time.

  6. Johnbaum13

    I’m gonna guess he broke something in the suspension on one of those bounces. Left front wheel locked up and not steering. I would say he pinned the throttle at the end in an attempt to get it to change direction away from the wall.

  7. NOVA SS427

    When your a serious weekend racer you let these cowboys get ahead of you in staging. Fun to watch but bad news when their out on the track with you. Is that scoop big enough?

  8. Chris Mcbride

    Always easy to call the shots afterwards and not from the seat. IMO its pretty good driving job.I am first to call stupid when driver hammers it to the stripe reguardless that does not appear to be the case here.

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