Cubes Are Good: Watch This 441ci LS7 Make 612hp At 6,500RPM On The Dyno

Cubes Are Good: Watch This 441ci LS7 Make 612hp At 6,500RPM On The Dyno

We’re like everyone else in the high performance world these days. We get dazzled by the big numbers that boosted engines produce. Four digit horsepower seems to be as easy to make as falling out of a tree. That being said, is there anything better than a solid, usable naturally aspirated engine to shove your hot rod down the road? We’re talking an engine that makes big power and good RPM and will provide smiles for thousands and thousands of miles without some sort of insane maintenance routine or a pile of one-off parts. That’s why this engine is cool to us. That and the fact it’s heading into a kind of odd-body in the form of a 1962 Ford Thunderbird!

Watch the horsepower and the dyno sweep to see how this thing makes power and while we do not have the torque numbers we have to imagine that they are stout as well. Horsepower and torque cross at 5252, right? Well if that is the case this sucker will be melting tires and creating screams of joy from passengers, even in that tank of a Thunderbird.

You have an LS7 aluminum block, LS3 heads, Weisco pistons and rings, Holley EFI, and a custom ground COMP cam making this magic happen. For those of you who are not impressed with a 600hp engine understand we’re not saying that this is the greatest mill ever built, we’re just digging on the fact that it has street manners, an AC compressor, and will be a raw joy to hammer on the street.

Press play below to see this LS7 crank out 600+ usable horsepower on the dyno –

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3 thoughts on “Cubes Are Good: Watch This 441ci LS7 Make 612hp At 6,500RPM On The Dyno

  1. Danno

    Nice engine but putting an LS into a Ford Thunderbird is downright sacrilegious. Shame on you owner of the car for being too damn lazy or cheap to not out a proper blue oval engine in the car. BOO!!!

    Hey Geordi looking forward to your input on this abomination!

    1. Mike K

      Absolutely agreed – Ford’s little “forgotten engine”, the 351 Windsor, can be built all the way up to 7.5 liters and will make at least as much if not more power in a street drivable bulletproof package.
      And without being a crossbred, bastard car, infected by the latest trendy engine.
      Then again, it’s not my car…

  2. Tony Thomas

    A Cleveland engine will make that kind of power, ONCE. After that 6,500 RPM pull, there won\’t be much left. Now, given the correct amount of cylinder head work (we\’re looking at you, exhaust ports!), plus the necessary rocker stud stabilization and a main cap girdle (and attaching everything with ARP fasteners) then it would approach the LS performance level. Not throwing shade, just stating facts. And just so we are clear, people tend to lean towards putting reliable power in their hot rods, with \”brand loyalty\” running a distant second.

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