Watch This Real Lambo With LS1 Power From Australia Dip Into The 9s!

Watch This Real Lambo With LS1 Power From Australia Dip Into The 9s!

The first thing we did after seeing this 9-second run made by the LS1 powered Lambo Jalpa in the video below was look up what the heck a Lamborghini Jalpa was. Honestly had no idea. It looked like a shrunken Countach and it turns out that we were partially right about that. You see, back in the 1980s, Lambo was looking for a lower cost, higher volume selling car to add to their lineup. They went to the same guys who did the design work on the Countach and the car they came up with was a V8 powered machine called a Jalpa. In the span of about six years, 400 of them were sold. While not the most valuable Lambos, they are still worth some dough to collectors and enthusiasts so that is why we’re even more enamored with the hot rodded Jalpa you’ll see in the video below.

Rather than futz with the 3.5L V8 that came stock in the car, the dude who owns this one went for the swappiest engine of all time and plugged it into the Jalpa mid-ships. He went with a Toyota transaxle (automatic) to transfer the power to the drive wheels and judging by the looks of this video, the plan was a great one because the rig hauls tail and looks fantastic. You’ll see the first run clock in the 11-second bracket with some popping and banging but the second run is a thing of beauty. The car comes off the line nicely and motors down the track perfectly, stopping the clock before it was able to reach 10.00.

For the guys who claim that people are putting LS engines into “everything”, here’s your proof.



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12 thoughts on “Watch This Real Lambo With LS1 Power From Australia Dip Into The 9s!

  1. GuitarSlinger

    Why in the _____ would some half wit Aussie ruin a perfectly good Jalpa by stuffing an overweight boat anchor LS1 in it ? ( seriously BS ? You never heard of one never mind seen one ? Where y’all been the last few decades or so ? And you call yourselves GearHeads … lol … 😉 )

    Stupid , clueless and lazy ! Thats why

    1. John T

      Settle down, buddy. You have a problem with people hotting cars up? Seriously, you’re on the wrong website. I suppose you’re going to have a go at the model A owners that put those poxy V8’s in their cars when there was a perfectly good 4 cyl motor in there next??

      Oh, and by the way don’t go slagging off at the guy just cos he’s an Aussie, ya racist.

  2. Whelk

    Rocky Balboa has a Jalpa in Rocky 2. God idea replacing the undersized Lambo V8 with something that makes some power.

  3. Mont

    I’m no Lamborghini aficionado like GuitarSlinger is, but the owner of this Jalpa said the LS1 was lighter than the 3.5L that came out of it. Aluminum is light, ya know.

  4. 8lambo

    Hi there, I am the owner of the jalpa in question here. Most people give a positive response to what I have achieved with my jalpa. But then there are thhat are people with brains the size of mice. They cannot see ode the square and probably wouldn’t be capable of fitting a set of mag wheels to a car.. like guitarslinger. The name sais it all for me. What a laugh! Thanks to John T for sticking up for me and for just being someone who accepts different.

    1. Anonymous

      Awesome car man! Also I think its hilarious when people talk about putting the “Heavy Ass” LS motors into cars. They obviously have no clue what there talking about since the aluminum LS motors weigh less than alot of other V8s and even some V6s.

      Props to you for building this awesome car! Hope to see some more videos of it someday going faster! Maybe time for a little spray? Or some Heads/Cam work? (Dont know whats done to it already but I can definitely see it going faster someday)

    2. John T

      aw cheers dude! Aussies gotta stick together, mate!! Ol’ shitslinger is a bit of a troll on this site, always criticising other people’s stuff. Probably drives a Prius.

  5. 8lambo

    Sorry but the comment box wouldn’t type my comments properly for some reason. But I’m sure my point came accross.

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