Wild Drag Racing Video: The R-Rated Version Of What A Staging Battle Looks Like – INSIDE The Car

Wild Drag Racing Video: The R-Rated Version Of What A Staging Battle Looks Like – INSIDE The Car

We have showed you videos of Nick Bowman bracket racing before. The dude is an intense racer and his videos really show the real world of hardcore bracket racing. Few people give enough credit to those guys and girls that are capable of winning and winning consistently in that realm of the sport. This is intense and hardcore competition, the stuff that people think only heads up racers experience. You may not like Bowman’s language, the tightness of his belts, or the way be reacts to winning, but hot damn is this guy fun to watch. He’s an intense sportsman racer that is taking on dragsters in his door slammer and taking them out. He does not seem to be able to be intimidated and he sure isn’t planning on staging first in this battle of wills.

Here we see Bowman engaged in the drag racing version of a staring contest with another competitor who is racing a dragster. That car is likely loaded with all the best stuff in the world of getting it off the starting line. Bowman’s rig seems to be less complex and certainly more full of obstructions when he is trying to judge his competitor but he manages to trailer the guy. We never see the numbers, the reaction time stats or anything of that nature but we do see Bowman’s reaction to the win light in his lane and this is what we think people are most going to react to.

Lots of people will love the intensity. Lots of people will hate it because they will feel like it is un-sportsmanlike but at the end of the day we think that it is a perfect illustration of how hardcore sportsman drag racing competitors are after each and ever round win.

Love him or hate him…you have to watch him. Bravo Nick Bowman.

Press play below to see Nick Bowman take out a dragster at a big money bracket race

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17 thoughts on “Wild Drag Racing Video: The R-Rated Version Of What A Staging Battle Looks Like – INSIDE The Car

  1. David Beard

    That is pretty intense, but the biggest thing I take away from that video is….loose belts. To many racers seem to feel safe with a roll cage and loose belts, but flopping around in a caged car in a worst case scenario with loose belts is just as bad as no belts.

    1. Jamers426

      A little bit of courtesy (which Nick apparently doesn’t have). Slower cars SHOULD be nice enough to stage first. He’s arrogant & full of himself & he thinks his shit doesn’t stink. Well guess what I don’t think you are all that bad Nick. I’m not a hater, I’m a realist. Get over yourself.

  2. Ron the Announcer

    Yeah, not thrilled with the loose belts. He did, however, win the big check in both Top and Footbrake in the same car that day. The young man eats, sleeps, and lives drag racing. Good job Nick, but tighten those damn belts a bit!

  3. Chris

    Hardly an example worth celebrating. His belts aren’t even close to tight, he lifts his visor right at the start, both should get him DQed.

    And then all he does is dump the guy at the end. Big deal. With that kind of time difference, all he did was guess. And without seeing the time slip all we’re doing is guessing if he was smart, or got lucky.

    1. Tony Leonard

      DQ for lifting the visor in a door car? LOL! I do exactly the same thing every pass. Visor is up before the front wheels touch down.

    2. Gump

      The car isn\’t quick enough to require the full face, so he\’s using it just for the blinders. The belts, however, are bullshit. You\’d think after his incident with the altered he\’d tighten them up.

  4. theraif

    yah i said it before not a fan of him with loose belts but thats how alway been cuz his duster when he started he only used a lap belt so thats how he likes to race. he has been using some elses duster since his got rear ended and was lucky he didnt get hurt with loose belts.

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