Chinese Contractors Settle A Dispute Over A Job With A Front End Loader Fight!

Chinese Contractors Settle A Dispute Over A Job With A Front End Loader Fight!

Here in the United States when there is some sort of a battle regarding a construction job, we settle it the old fashioned way with either lawyers and years of litigation or with guns. That’s just how we roll. In China, they have not gotten the memo on that stuff yet so they determine the victor in such disputes through other means and apparently a front end loader fight is one of them. This is easily one of the most incredible videos we have ever seen and it was all captured on someone’s cell phone in the city of Hebei, China.

The skirmish begins with a couple of loaders fighting like you’d expect to see in some sort of kid video game and after one gets the other broadside and turned over, several other loaders join in and by the end there are like six of the bastards going at it. We have no idea what started this conflict but we know that it escalated well beyond what we could have expected in a hurry. We have heard of disgruntled operators wrecking other equipment on job sites. We have heard of people sabotaging stuff, but we have never heard of a full on heavy equipment fight outside of the movies.

The video cuts off when the pitched battle really gets going with both attacking armies bringing their full strength. We have no idea how it ended, who “won” or what the consequences were from such a thing happening. We can be sure that the Chinese government is likely not happy that has escaped their grasp and made it onto the world stage because we’re thinking that it goes beyond the tight media controls they keep on the country. Whoopsie doodle!

Press play below to see a legit front end loader fight when a job turns ugly –

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6 thoughts on “Chinese Contractors Settle A Dispute Over A Job With A Front End Loader Fight!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Hoo Flung Dung Construction will never try to undercut the opposition again!

    Why the operators didn’t just beat the living shit out of each other is beyond me – it would have been at lot easier and cheaper. But look on the bright side for they have brought the world the new martial art of Kom-At-Su….

  2. rodzilla

    Glad to see that you didn’t play “follow the leader” like pretty much every other site that ran this story, and called the machines what they really were, front end loaders. A small thing, I know, but still annoying.

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