Wrecked Bucket: This Salvage Auction T-Bucket May Be Worth It For The Motor Alone!

Wrecked Bucket: This Salvage Auction T-Bucket May Be Worth It For The Motor Alone!

The IAAI.com website has a lot of interesting salvage auctions going on at the same time. Everything from cars that are completely mangled beyond recognition to stuff you just would never expect to see like this t-bucket. The t-bucket caught our attention because the front of the car which includes a supercharged Ford engine is pristine and perfect. The rear of the car is junk and the rear end itself has been knocked clean out of the thing. The good news is that said rear end is actually loaded into the passenger area so you get the whole pile of stuff if you win the auction on this bad boy.

We’re of the opinion that the blown big block seems like it could be a pretty good deal depending on how much the car sells for. The photos of the independent rear end seem to indicate that the car took a pretty good shot from the rear or the side. If you look at the tell-tale damage on the rear of the passenger side it seems like maybe someone got this thing crossed up and slapped it hard into a wall or other hard object. It was a pretty perfect shot though because the side pipes are fine and event the little fiberglass trunk is mostly intact.

We’re not accident reconstruction experts so we’re interested in your theories as to what the heck happened to this thing. The value of the engine would depend on what heads and guts are in it but the side draft carbs are worth some dough, that blower is worth some dough and there is money to be made on the IFS and the rest of the t-bucket stuff up there.

We’d list the brass stuff and wire wheels for sale under an assumed name so no one knew we had any of that in our possession. We’d be shaming the family.


Check out these photos and then the link to the rest of the wrecked bucket images –

bucket bucket2 bucket3 bucket4 bucket5


Check out the IAAI auction for this wrecked T-bucket

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13 thoughts on “Wrecked Bucket: This Salvage Auction T-Bucket May Be Worth It For The Motor Alone!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Sell the Chevy motor and the wire wheels, put in a hot Ecoboost, refit the hood and put on some narrower black-painted steelies with baby moons. Lip-smacking perfection and you’d reclaim at least 25% of the price selling those on…

  2. Steve

    That’s a crying shame, with 4 wheel IFS and disc brakes, it was probably the best driving T-bucket ever. Most use straight axles and push-pull steering, this one was built to actually use.

  3. pat3162

    Looking at the valve covers, that looks like a Small Block Ford. To bad they don’t have any close up shots of the engine. I’d like to buy it for the engine and flog the rest on ebay or craigslist.

  4. Loren

    He hates Chevys so much…and he’s kind-of a hateful guy…so he’s starting to see Chevys where there ain’t any! He’s right about the steelies though.

    I agree distributors belong at the front of the motor. Not so sure about oil pumps though.

    Dumbass tow-truck driver just dropped the rear-end onto what may have been a decent seat. Good one…

  5. Chuck

    Geordie is a funny guy. If bought for a decent price it looks like a lot of good parts.

  6. Brendan M

    Gotta love Geordie, the reason he’s always mad is because across the pond the parking spaces are the same size as a sheet of plywood. He lives in a 4’x8′ Hell !!!

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