This 1947 Ford Rat Rod Is A One-Off, One Of A Kind Runner…But Can You Drive It?

This 1947 Ford Rat Rod Is A One-Off, One Of A Kind Runner…But Can You Drive It?

You won’t ever lose it at a car show, right? That’s what caught our eye when we were cruising around eBay the other day. This drastically chopped and channeled 1947 Ford rat rod is a one-off, one of a kind runner, but there’s one major question that we’re wondering about. It isn’t the engine. The 429ci, tunnel ram equipped Ford big block is cool and it is not about the tail lights which appear to have been grabbed from an early 2000s Buick if our eyes are right. It isn’t even about the stance of the thing which is kind of aggressive and what you’d expect out of a hot rod with big snd littles. Nope this question is in regard to the drivability of the car. Like the physical drivability of it. Like can you actually reach the pedals?

The car has no real interior. There are a couple of weird mat looking things that have been laid out as “seats” as best we can tell and the whole steering wheel situation appears to be center-mounted, to boot. Whether it is just the camera angle or our own crummy inability to actually estimate distance, doesn’t it seem like the driver would need to be like eight feet tall to actually reach the pedals?

The car is about as different and out there as it gets. It probably sounds mean with the big block and those wild headers but it doesn’t seem liquor stubby little legs would even be capable of getting the car off idle!

eBay listing: This 1947 Ford Rat Rod is a one off, one of a kind runner 

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10 thoughts on “This 1947 Ford Rat Rod Is A One-Off, One Of A Kind Runner…But Can You Drive It?

  1. Matt Cramer

    Looks as if the steering wheel is offset to the driver’s side on some sort of pod. But unless it’s also right against the driver’s chest, I can’t see how you’d reach the pedals, either. It looks as if somebody was taking their ergonomics cues from Italian exotics, but wanted to push things a bit further.

  2. Brett

    Yes, but in the same sense that salted avocado is a good substitute for french fries. The tiller does appear to be left of center in photo 6/6, which also shows what some would call a seatback. My biggest concern is visibility, as in out of the windshield, the air cleaner covers look to be above the roof line.
    Anyone else reminded of a late 60’s Barris-esque Hot Wheels car?

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Rat Rod is just another way of saying a complete and utter pile of shit and this thing should be torched on general principle!

  4. Big Bill

    I don’t see any pedals in the pic, but I do see a hefty wire harness, and what appears to be a steering column, looks a little like a servo motor.
    Not a great picture for sure.

    Maybe this car has hand controls, or might be radio controlled.

    Just a thought.

  5. sbg

    art cars… as useful as art. Not sure I understand the point of it, but pretty sure I am apathetic to it.

  6. oldguy

    Extra edals on the left – driver station w/ RIGHT side offset
    It’s a driver ed car for Geordie and the UK wingers !!!
    My DE teacher LOVED to nail her brake when you were just over center taking a turn !!!

  7. geo815

    Perfect ride for Finnegan and Frieberger to cannonball in. Unsafe, uncomfortable, and plenty of shit to break. Art isn’t so useless after all, eh?

  8. SSNOVA427

    As a professional builder/jack of all things motorized I sometimes feel compelled to judge others work like I supervise my employees. But then I rationalize at least these guys are finding an outlet for their passion. nuff said

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