Cannot Hate It: This 1947 Plymouth Is Actually A 1994 Dodge Viper In Disguise V10 and All!

Cannot Hate It: This 1947 Plymouth Is Actually A 1994 Dodge Viper In Disguise V10 and All!

I know I should probably hate this car and for a large portion of my automobile loving life, maybe I would have but I just can’t. I have no idea why but I can’t do it. Maybe its the quality of the construction, the fact that it’s actually kind of retro cool now, or the fact that the damned thing is just really, really nice, but this 1947 Plymouth is something I’d cruise and do so happily. The car is basically a 1994 Viper. The engine, transmission, and suspension are all 1994 Viper RT/10 so you get the 488ci, 400hp mill along with the six speed stick in this car.

The chassis is all custom built with the Viper parts hung on it. There is not a Viper chassis underpinning this cruiser,  they just picked the bones of the Viper to get this car completed. Outwardly the only tell is the vintage Viper wheels and I keep thinking if I would change them or not. Something about the look appeals to me and I think it’s the ride height of the car, which tucks just enough tire to be perfect and aggressive. The Viper wheels are a little weird but they make the cut for me.

Interiors in street rods are normally barf-inducing. This one is tasteful and understated. It’s still kind of “old man” but it looks comfortable and this car has a six speed stick rising from the floor. The notched seat for shifter travel is cool.  The chassis is amazing, all custom fabricated and the whole package under the car looks slick.

This is a neat hot rod and one that we think has aged gracefully. What do you think?

eBay: This 1947 Plymouth is now a retro-cool Viper powered bruiser 

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13 thoughts on “Cannot Hate It: This 1947 Plymouth Is Actually A 1994 Dodge Viper In Disguise V10 and All!

  1. Dan Barlow

    I’d have to get rid of those wheels . If you have to let everyone know it’s really a viper , get the good looking ones the track version had . ASC or something like that . Personally id have some custom 18s and have the outer 2 inched painted white ….for the whitewall and the rest of the wheel would look like a regular wheel with hubcap for the original car . But yes , the car does rock .

  2. Stormrider505ja

    The rims look good fit the cars slick under cover look. Makes me miss my s.r.t. truck . i like the alot. .

  3. Kirk Estes

    I have had two P15 Plymouth coupes. One a business coupe with a 383/727 and the other a club coupe like this one with 230 flathead six and R10 overdrive. These are nice riding and driving cars. I would not hesitate to own another. This one is very nice with only a few things I would change the first of which would be the wheels and the second the air cleaners. Other than that I would drive the wheels off it.

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