This 1949 Buick Sedanette Has Some Junk In The Trunk, But Not The Kind You Think

This 1949 Buick Sedanette Has Some Junk In The Trunk, But Not The Kind You Think

Well, this is interesting. You are looking at a twin engine 1949 Buick but the catch is that only one of the engines actually runs and it is not the vintage cool one in the front of the car, it’s a V6 that has been placed inside the Buick’s cavernous backside. This is really something else. The seller claims that the car runs and drives and there’s an element of freak to this thing that cannot be discounted, especially if you consider what people will do when you drive it into a car show.

The thing certainly will not be fast and who knows what it rides like but being able to drive off with no one understanding the sound or the fact that the massive lump of iron that is visible under the hood is neat. We’re guessing that the steering and stuff is locked out somehow because wouldn’t the engine and cradle, along with the FWD equipment lend itself to have this thing steering like a forklift?

Weird and different don’t always add up to awesome. This thing is running, driving, and perfect for Halloween. Get some!

Craigslist Link: This 1949 Buick Sedanette has some junk in the trunk

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9 thoughts on “This 1949 Buick Sedanette Has Some Junk In The Trunk, But Not The Kind You Think

  1. john

    If the motor doesn’t explode, if you don’t fall through the rusty floor, if you don’t go out of control and hit a tree…it’s a great car!


    State inspection.
    Reality check.
    It\’s like some saddened,depressed version of the Tucker.
    Save this car from the crusher MINUS the so-called

  3. sbg

    I feel good about only one thing – that people aren’t spelling Sedanet correctly anymore and that I was that cause.

    Not something I’d do, but it’s their car. As for rust, that is actually really good for that vintage of GM car – most don’t have floors anymore.

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I would go up to the seller and tell him that if he gave me $1500 I’d be quite happy to take this deathtrap off his hands. Then junk the V6 and restore it to the original drivetrain, fix the body work issues then after a spray job sell it for 10 times that amount. Or the other alternative would be to give him an almighty kick in the balls and while he’s writhing on the ground torch this Frankencar and walk away whistling a merry tune,,,,

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