Stock Cars On The Strip: This Video From The 1967 USAC NASCAR Yankee 300 At Indianapolis Raceway Park Rules

Stock Cars On The Strip: This Video From The 1967 USAC NASCAR Yankee 300 At Indianapolis Raceway Park Rules

Ok, this is utterly and totally awesome…especially if you are a dork like me. You are about to see video from the 1967 USAC NASCAR Yankee 300 at Indianapolis Raceway Park. See, there are two well known racing facilities in Indy (ok more than that but just got with me here). There’s IMS, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and there’s IRP Indianapolis Raceway Park. The first one is where they run the Indy 500 and the second one is where they run the NHRA US Nationals. That’s where this video was shot. See, there’s a now defunct road course that runs around the place and uses the drag strip as a half mile long straight. I had no idea that IRP ran this event for years the weekend before the Indy 500 but it is brilliant.

Why is it so smart? You have a place loaded to the brim with racing fans! You also have a place brimming with race car driver talent and name recognition. The lineup for this race was incredible and reads just like a rundown of the people who would eventually start the 500 the next weekend. Andretti, Foyt, Jones, etc. They are all in this thing, banging fenders in big old steel cars on a flat road course. So good!

This was also an incredibly dangerous race. You will see cars sneaking behind inadequate guardrails into areas where spectators are and you will also see the most deadly looking pit row in racing history. The teams were just lined up on the outside of the straight! No wall, no protection, no nothing to stop someone from mowing them down like so many bowling pins. There are some close calls there as well.

Finally, the start of the race is amazing with the guy on the pole literally trying to drive Parnelli Jones off the road before the flag drops! This is so much fun!

Press play below to see this¬†1967 USAC NASCAR Yankee 300 footage –

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4 thoughts on “Stock Cars On The Strip: This Video From The 1967 USAC NASCAR Yankee 300 At Indianapolis Raceway Park Rules

  1. Ted still misses old school NASCAR

    I want to weep when I see how good racing was in this era. No need to wax on about the good ol’ days, any of us that followed USAC or NASCAR know what I mean. If the powers that be had half a brain they’d use bodies from the 60’s and 70’s on these cookie cutter cars they have now to at least liven up the look of the grid. How about a reborn Bobby Allison’s Coca Cola Monte Carlo body with the latest drivetrain and underpinnings? That would beat looking at the rubbish on the grid now, then all we’d need is someone like a Cale Yarborough/David Pearson clone smacking these runway model drivers of today around to teach them how to drive. Feel free to pass this along to the France family, nothing they do seems to be working…

  2. Piston Pete

    Great idea Ted, nostalgia stock car racing, sorta like Southeast Gassers for NAZZCAR.
    And speaking of IMS and IRP, having grown up in Indy I love them both and I roamed every corner of each back when I was comfortably mobile, but it really grinds my gears that they took the decades old Kroger 200 Busch race from the IRP oval and made it into another boring parade when they moved it to the Speedway.That was one of the best races of the year of any type.
    My late father was an intelligent, soft spoken gentleman who nailed it when NAZZCAR came to the Speedway. “Those taxi cabs should stay out on 16th Street.” Get ’em Irv, RIP.

  3. drivindadsdodge

    Ted … you got the idea… my bet is that between the sheet metal replacement suppliers and what is laying around down in arizona new mexico and so cal and idaho plenty of full bodies can be had …

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