1969 Chevelle Body + NASCAR Chassis + 700hp Small Block = One Of The Coolest Projects Ever

1969 Chevelle Body + NASCAR Chassis + 700hp Small Block = One Of The Coolest Projects Ever

If you think that the 1969 Chevelle in the lead photo looks like a stock car, you’d be right…because it is. The body has been dropped over top of a 1999 Winston Cup chassis and will be powered by a 700hp small block with vintage NASCAR heads, backed with a four speed transmission, and the car will be pounded on the streets and on the track. The curve ball? This Chevelle is coming together in Ontario, Canada. That’s not to say Ontario is a weird place but a project like this you’d expect to be born and bred in North Carolina or somewhere like that. No matter the geographic location of the owner, this thing is all flippin’ time and we’re hooked on watching it come together. The look of those big slicks hanging out, the low slung appearance of the body, the addition of modern touches like the NACA ducts in the rear quarter windows, and the front chin spoiler are but a few of the thing that have made us completely gaga over this A-Body….that isn’t really an A-body anymore.

Picture 3Inspired by a childhood trip to Daytona, Florida, the dude building the car is definitely a talented gearhead. He pretty much envisioned the exact look of the car before he started the project and it has played out just like he wanted it to. Having done the research into NASCAR chassis, he knew that the ones he was looking at came in two wheelbases. The Busch cars were slightly different from the Winston Cup cars and the Cup cars had the correct wheelbase to match the Chevelle body, so that is what he bought.

The build thread this guy is keeping up has tons of photos and information in it. Only about three pages long, you can zip through it to see the photos and watch the car morph into a monster that he will use on road courses and the street. Once you see the exhaust system, you’ll be as excited as we are to hear this thing make some noise because it is going to sound full house. It is amazing how well the Chevelle body fits the stock car chassis. The doors didn’t have to be modified, the down bars actually leave some room for someone to fit on the passenger side, and it is kind of a trip to see the tubing of a stock car chassis with a stock looking Chevelle floor under it.

We could spout on about this Chevelle for hours, but you need to check out the thread to get the full breadth and scope on this build. The car is 100% BangShift approved and we cannot wait to see and hear more about it on a race track. We bet it shows up some people who will under estimate it as being some sort of “race car looking” piece. Little do they know how hard core this baby actually is!

Thanks to Joe for the tip!


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