Can We All Just Agree That 1973 Is The Best Looking Model Year of Trans-Am Ever? Let’s Use This One As An Example

Can We All Just Agree That 1973 Is The Best Looking Model Year of Trans-Am Ever? Let’s Use This One As An Example

Sure the first gen cars are OK looking and the third generation cars have their place with the fourth gen Trans Ams landing at the tail end of the discussion but let’s be honest you are looking at pure beauty right here. Let’s just all agree that 1973 is the best looking model year for the Trans-Am ever, ok? This car is a perfect example of why. An original 455 4-speed car from the factory, it has been recently repainted and touched up but other than that, it is exactly as it rolled out of the Norwood plant all of those years ago. Why do I think that ’73 is the best looking model year for the Trans-Am? I don’t think, I know. It was the first year of the Screaming Chicken on the hood. It was the first year for the egg crate grill inserts, and it was the last year for the beautifully rounded front end before the angular 1974 nose came out and things slid down hill from there.

This is one of 4,802 Trans-Ams sold in 1973 and it is rarer yet because it is a 455 4-speed car. The ad claims that it is one of less than 2,000 built that year and we can believe it. Since these guys have all the information from the original bill of sale, they got good numbers from the Pontiac Historical Service about the car, which was apparently well cared for and owned by an older woman for about 30 years before the shop bought it and cleaned it up, repainted it, and made it look how you see it here. By 1973 this color was no longer called Carousel Red, Pontiac was calling it Buccaneer Red and it looks flipping awesome.The chin spoiler and fender spats really give these cars a wider presence that you do not see in the Esprit models or the non Trans-Am variants.

Yes, the horsepower had nosed down in 1973. The big 455 was making 250hp per the factory, which was a lower rating than the thing actually made but not that far off. The good news is that it would be easy to get some compression back in this thing, get a decent camshaft in it and wake it right the hell up again. That’s what we would do.

So go ahead and argue against me. Tell me that ’73 isn’t the best looking Trans Am ever. You are entitled to your opinion, even if it is wrong.

Link: eBay listing for this awesome 1973 Pontiac Trans-Am

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23 thoughts on “Can We All Just Agree That 1973 Is The Best Looking Model Year of Trans-Am Ever? Let’s Use This One As An Example

  1. Lee


    Why did you pick 1973 as opposed to 1970, 71 or 72? As far as the body/styling they are all the same. Was it because 73 offered that stupid hood decal as an option along with colors with 3 colors (white, green and red) as opposed to 70 to 72 which was only 2 (white or blue)?

    Pick 1970 and you don’t have to make any apologies about the engines.All high compression and you could get the RAIV

    BTW . . . Carousel Red was Orange. In 1973 Buccaneer Red replaced Cardinal Red

    1. Mr This Guy

      *Stupid* hood decal? Screw you sir, you and your whore of a mother…. and the horse you rode in on.

  2. ratpatrol66

    70/73 are the best looking for sure! I just happen to know where there is a 73 SD Formula, that’s right 1 of 43. No I’m not telling anybody where!!!

  3. Matt Cramer

    I’m a third gen T/A fan myself, but this is certainly one of the best second gen styles out there.

  4. Anthony

    Yup I agree. 70 -73 we’re beauties. I’d like one like the one in the movie McQ in Brewster green.

  5. FIREBIRD4Ever

    I have to say that the 1973 Trans Am is a very good looking car, it could very well be the best TA because it\’s what started the large Hood Decal on the TA, the Smokey and the Bandit TA would\’ve looked a lot different with out it. I just wish they would\’ve never refer to the Phoenix Decal, Screaming Chicken. A SD455 TA is no Chicken.
    I owned a 1979 Trans Am 403 6.6, I own a 1986 5.0 Firebird and a 1973 Firebird with a 350 Engine(I wish I could buy a 1973 Trans Am SD455, too much $$$)
    I love the Phoenix Decal on all the Generations of the Firebird, all the years have their own flare, my favorite being the 1973.
    Sorry this is long but I know that all the true diehard Firebird fans won\’t mind reading it \’til the end. I know we all wish that Pontiac was still around to have another chance to buy another generation of the Firebird Trans Am, I would, in a heart beat.
    What got my blood boiling was a comment made by someone that called the hood decal on the TA, Stupid….

    Sure 1973 may not be your favorite year of the Trans Am but calling it Stupid (you don\’t like Firebirds sir) with all the respect in the world I don\’t know if you like the Firebird or not but that wasn\’t cool….
    Any Firebird lover knows that the Firebird Emblem was there from the beginning and it changed a little with every Generation.
    The Firebird Emblem is my favorite feature of the Firebird and Firebird Trans Am, it\’s unique and represents a car that will sadly never come back
    1973 Trans Am is the best looking year, i just wish Pontiac would have thought of a Black with Gold Emblems back in 1973.

    Thank you….

  6. Reff

    They are all pretty great, but it\’s not what u think is the best looking one it\’s what people like. I would say no way to 73 altho I do like it. Example I prefer the 79 bandit trans am. Most do, does that mean it\’s the best looking? You can\’t agree on something like that.

    1. FIREBIRD4Ever

      Well I agree because I own a 1973 Firebird and I a few years back I owned a 1979 Trans Am 6.6

      So yeah I like the 1973 Trans Am more

      But I respect people’s opinions, it’s fine…

  7. Marco

    The best looking trans am is the 1977 black and gold special edition. I drove mine for 20 years and it was the best feeling to drive the black car with gold fire in your sight on the long good. PURE American. Nuff said.

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