Pimp: This 1983 Chrysler Imperial Has 400+ Cubic Inches, A Smoothed Body, and Some Heavy Rake – Interior For Days

Pimp: This 1983 Chrysler Imperial Has 400+ Cubic Inches, A Smoothed Body, and Some Heavy Rake – Interior For Days

Listen McTaggart, don’t blame me! You are going to have to blame Rocco for this one. He’s our ace cruiser of all things on-line car ads and the dude knows how to pick them. As we all know around here, McTaggart sold his Project Raven Imperial after a few years of frustration and work. He’s put his efforts into the Mustangs on his property now and that’s been a fun process to watch and will continue to be a fun process to watch. This being said, we’re sure he might wince a little when checking out this mean and clean 1983 Chrysler Imperial.

No, the wheels are not really us. No the stance is not really us, BUT we feel like given some reworking of both those things, this car could be a ridiculously fun cruiser, eight? Maybe downsize the wheel and upsize the sidewall, get the rear end out of the sky, and cruise. The interior of this thing is so hilarious we’re in love with it. It is freaking perfect and the most red thing we have ever seen. The overly plush seats, the woodgrain, it is freaking impossibly perfect.

None of this is McTaggart’s style. The car itself is but not the paint, the wheels, the pimp-tastic layout of the whole thing. The claimed 401ci engine though? Yeah, we’re all in on that program.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but wow, this thing is unique and seemingly finished off with some budget!

Craigslist: 1983 Chrysler Imperial is custom, muscled up, and ready for the pimp hand

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6 thoughts on “Pimp: This 1983 Chrysler Imperial Has 400+ Cubic Inches, A Smoothed Body, and Some Heavy Rake – Interior For Days

  1. Chas

    Like it……buts what with the wonky left door? All that work and it doesn’t line up?

  2. TheCrustyAutoworker

    A whole lot of negative here so I’ll be the guy that says he likes it. Normally I hate most everything from 1973 to the late ’80s with few exceptions.
    But I always liked the looks of these Imperials, and if I wanted to rock an ’80s personal luxury barge this would be cool. I would lower the butt a bit and go with smaller wheels (hate rubber band tires) and the price is a little rich, but hell those are for negotiating so who knows.

  3. Bryan McTaggart

    A couple of things that a lot of people are missing:

    1. It has had a hardtop conversion and opera light delete. The quarter windows on an Imperial don’t roll down/back/whatever. Very curious as to how that was done, it’s one complaint I’ve always had.

    2. Nobody noticed the hood?

    3. The interior was completely gone through. It’s got a Frank Sinatra consolette, which meant that someone re-dyed or found scarlet red mouse fur to make it look right, plus did the work for the rear quarter sections to work with the modified quarter windows.

    4. That underhood is TIDY.

    Say what you will about the points that concern individual taste, but somebody put some work into that car.

  4. Rick B.

    Why is everyone so intolerant of something that is not what they would build. I don’t get it can’t you just have fun with this? Instead of being grouchy old get off my lawn man. Lighten up a little have a little fun with what you build. Stop worrying about if every bolt is facing the right direction and if the emblem is a 1/4 inch off. Lastly stop being the guy that has to point out everything wrong with someone else’s project .

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